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What to Expect at the Bus Station in Peru

by Ben

Buses in Peru

Buses in Peru

When purchasing ticket at a bus station in Peru, present a copy of your passport. Legally, they need the number. Check to make sure you have been assigned a seat number.

Some time before boarding, you may be asked to present your ticket and your copy of passport again. This is normal.

When boarding, you will be scanned with one of those detection wands for weapons. You will be asked for your ticket and returned a stub for your seat.

Your big luggage goes underneath and you will get a baggage claim check. Tie a yellow ribbon or some easily identifiable object to your bags so the guy can dig them out quicker when you get off.

You will likely get videotaped or photoed for security reasons. This is to identify remains when the bus crashes. Ha, ha, joke.

Buses between most cities in Peru are very safe and comfortable.

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