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What Language does Peru Speak?

by David and Lin
(Los Organos, Peru)

What Language does Peru Speak? Latin American Spanish

The official language in Peru is Spanish.

The Spanish spoken in all of South and Central America is different in many ways from that spoken in Spain.

You might say the difference in the two major Spanish language areas is comparable to differences between British English and American English.

What Language does Peru Speak? Amerindian Languages

Spanish was introduced in the 1500s by the Spanish conquerors who invaded Peru.

Before that, there were many languages spoken among the various different tribes and cultures throughout what is known now as Peru.

Many of those languages were lost over time.

Today, however, there are still many indigenous languages being spoken in the more isolated areas of Peru.

Some of these language groups number less than 100 people.

Two Major Native Languages

Aside from Spanish, the two major languages being spoken extensively in Peru are Quechua and Aymara.

In the highlands (Andes Mountains) and in the jungle (La Selva) there are also a moderate number of inhabitants of Peru speaking a couple of other languages as mentioned earlier.


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