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What is the best ATM to use in Peru?

by David & Lin
(Huanchaco, La Libertad, Peru)

2014 - What is the best ATM to use in Peru?

(see update below)

We were using ScociaBank and then starting getting charged.

So we switched back to BCP which had been reasonable a few years ago.

We got charged a whopping $12.45 US for a withdrawal of about $200.00.

A few years back Bank of America was found guilty of overcharging on their foreign transactions, and we ended up getting $400 back for our use over the years 1992-1998.

But now it seems like these banks (we use BofA as our bank) are charging more than ever.


We are still using BCP, a major bank here in Peru. It does not cost as much as it used to...

You can withdraw S/. 700.00 soles a day, about $225.00 USD at this time.

There is a charge of about $4.00 plus some loss on the currency exchange rate.

We have a personal checking account and a business checking account and can take out S/. 1400.00 soles a day.

~ David at

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