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What do I buy so I can use my blowdryer and curling iron in Peru?

by Karen
(London, England UK)

~ question submitted by Karen


What do I buy so I can use my blowdryer and curling iron in Peru?

What kind of adapter that's strong enough for a blowdryer and curling iron and that will last?

Because my sister had one but broke it from like overheating when she was using her blowdryer, so which one do I buy?

~ question submitted by Karen


You have two options:

Option #1 - Before you travel, buy a dual-voltage dryer and curling iron that run on 110/220V similar to the Conairs shown here.

When in Peru, buy a cheap adapter for wall sockets, as they can vary from one building to another. One will cost you about $1.59.

Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

Dual Voltage Curling Iron

Option #2 - Bring your own dryer and curling iron with you and buy an all-in-one adapter such as the one shown here.

This Voltage Converter converts 110V to 220V and also comes with Wall Plug Adapters

Consider the best option for you.

Option #1 (buy travel versions) will be more expensive.

Pros: You avoid the possibility of losing or burning out your normal personal appliances. An extra set that you can use later can be handy. And, you save space and weight in your luggage.

Option #2 (take your own) will be cheaper. 

Pros: You have your regular set of dryer/curler that you are used to and familiar with. You know they work just fine for you.

Lin for Peru beach and Huanchaco TravelPersonally, I use a dual voltage hair dryer here in Peru and it has lasted very well and works fine.

We hope this helps you decide which route to go. Either way, it is won't be a problem for you, just a little added expense to assure you that you are looking great.

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