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Wearing shorts to dine in Peru?

by DC

Question: Can a woman wear shorts to dine in peru?


Answer: Yes and no. Just as in the other countries, whether it is accepted to wear shorts while dining depends on the particular area, the particular town and the particular restaurant.

For example, at a beach town in California wearing shorts when eating out will be pretty much the norm - but not at all restaurants; in New York City, shorts are much less acceptable.

On the coast in Peru, shorts are pretty much accepted but again it depends on the restaurant.

In the mountains, for example in Cusco, you will likely be very out of place wearing shorts to a restaurant and may be reinforcing a negative attitude towards foreigners.

Before deciding whether to wear shorts when dining in Peru, look around you. Are others wearing shorts? Go with the most usual dress that you see and you won't go wrong.

When in doubt, dress up, not down.

If you go against the norm, you will bring negative attention to yourself.

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