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Vos, vosotros, tu, ustedes in Peru?

by Darlene
(Pittsburgh PA)

Vos, vosotros, tu, ustedes in Peru?

Vos, vosotros, tu, ustedes in Peru?

Darlene in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania asked:

Are vos and vosotros used in Peru commonly?

Traveling in Argentina, that is what you hear the most.

But someone said that in Peru you can't use those terms and that I should use "tu" instead of "vos" and "ustedes" for "vosotros".

Is that true?
That's an interesting question, Darlene. Growning up here in Peru, I don't remember every hearing "vos" or "vosotros" except in school. However, later I did find those terms being used in certain sections of the Peruvian culture but mainly within the family, and it is not common at all to hear those terms here.

You will be understood if you use "vos" and "vosotros" but then Peruvians will think you're from Argentina or Chile or Spain or something. Which is OK.

But to fit in better, just use "tu" and "ustedes" for the familiar form of addressing friends and family.

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