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Vintage Peruvian Silver Bracelet?

by Christina

Rosalia's Peruvian Bracelet

Rosalia's Peruvian Bracelet

~ question submitted by Christina in Maryland, USA

Vintage Peruvian Silver Bracelet with Faces in High Relief

Hi there! I just received this bracelet that belonged to my great grandmother.

I found one exactly like it online, and the seller dates it to the 1940s. I would like to know if that is the right date, how many were made, and by whom. Also, I am wondering how an American would have been most likely to acquire one.

It has square silver links depicting different figural heads in high relief against an etched background. It is marked INDUSTRIA PERUANA (JLB, I think) 900 on the back of one of the links, which measure 1  7/8" x 1  3/8". It has a pin & groove closure.

My guess from the stylized representation of the faces (including the smiling llama or alpaca!) is that these bracelets were made for the tourist or export industry.

I do not know if my great grandmother or anyone in her family or circle of friends would have traveled to Peru, but I suppose it is possible.

She lived in New York all her life, was a dress model, and had a flair for unique fashion. So, it is easier to imagine her buying it in the States. She was born around 1900 or shortly after.

I will appreciate any info!  Many thanks.

~ question submitted by Christina in Maryland, USA

Peruvian Sterling Silver Bracelet 12grams 7 Inches

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Nov 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

Connie - thanks for this suggestion. I will ask around!

Oct 11, 2016
How your great grandmother might have gotten the bracelet
by: Connie

Hi Christina,
I have a similar Bracelet with Industria Peruana on the back with 900 purity marking. Mine has llamas and Incan figures on it.

My father was in the Army and stationed in the Panama Canal Zone during World War II (1943-45). He obtained it there and sent it home to his little sister in Tennessee. She gave it to me as a keepsake after my father passed away.

Maybe there was a member of your family in the military during WWII in or around South America?!

Feb 16, 2015
Your bracelet has a twin!
by: Megan

Hello from Canada.
I have the EXACT same bracelet! WOW!
Feel free to contact me directly.
mcrouse at

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