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Unwanted Male Attention and Sexual Harassment Abroad

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru)

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I have recommended this site, especially this page, probably more than any other on the web to our friends on the road (Panamerican Hwy, N. Peru) that we can see from our kitchen window.

Wow is all I can say about the tips on the Women on the Road site. And I'm not even female.

Here's just one of many excellent tips throughout the site, to give an example,

"In some parts of the world, just traveling on your own is considered risqué or improper. That's why I often pretend my non-existent husband is waiting to pick me up at the end of the bus line or back at the hotel. Appearing 'attached' is one of the better safeguards against unwanted male attention - when it works."

The author, Leyla, is really down to earth and bases her content on personal experiences, giving you real insight into on-the-road pitfalls to avoid while letting her love of traveling solo shine through.

My wife Lin and I would highly recommend you taking a look at this site...even if you aren't female.

David, editor of

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