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Unemployment in Peru?

by tricia
(sc, usa)

Unemployment in Peru's Cities

Unemployment in Peru's Cities

What city in Peru has the highest unemployment rate at the current time?

Hi Tricia,

There just aren't up-to-date figure on individual cities available, and even if there were, it is uncertain how accurate those figures would be.

For example, according to news you may have read lately, Ica, in southern Peru, has zero unemployment. But that may not really represent the true picture.

In Lima, the official figures put the unemployment rate at a reasonable 7.4%; again, what that figure really means is uncertain.

One thing is true, though, and that is that the economy continues to be pretty good overall. Lima's unemployment rate is most likely similar to what is found in the other major cities of Peru.

Here in our area, unemployment appears to be perhaps a little higher than Lima. But what the figures don't report is the under employment prevalent throughout the country.

Families have scrimped and saved money to send their kids to the university to become doctors, lawyers, and engineers, and the reality is that only about 10% find work in their specialty. You'll find a lot of professionals driving taxis in the cities, for example.

It would be nice to hear some other comments from other areas of Peru to get some impressions of what really is happening.

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