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Travel Tips to Peru

by Karen

Have an incredible trip to Peru and discover the various facts and specialness of this place. Peru has many interesting things to explore like its History, culture, nature etc. There are many exciting facts about this place that would enhance your interest and make your trip the most memorable one.

The scenic beauty of the Andes Mountains is definitely worth a watch. The precedent empire including the Spanish conquistadors, the lost city of Machu Picchu or Cuzco, the ancient Inca capital are another intriguing parts.

Few things should not be neglected when you decide an outing to a different country. One should be well informed about the weather conditions, amenities, culture, time difference, hangouts, etc. of the place of visit. To avoid any kind of inconvenience it is advisable to keep in mind the tips given below.

Weather conditions

The weather is hot in the day and cold at night in dry seasons. Hence, wet weather coats and jackets should be carried for the night. The temperature in the month May, June and July is very low. Nevertheless, the days are always sunny. There are rainfalls in Cusco between the months of December to April.


The food of Peru is counted in one of its specialities. The amazing taste and never ending varieties cannot be ignored.
Few of the famous places to eat are la mar for lunch and Gaston Y Astrid for evening breakfast. The local cuisine can be tasted at the food festivals at low rates. The local fruits of unique variety should not be missed. The beverage served in Peru is usually without ice as preferred by the Peruvians. You may have to ask for it if needed.


Different means of communication can be used like telephone, mail, fax or internet. The international calls would cost you around $3.00 per minute. Cheaper facilities are also available like Net2phone etc. Also, there are some cheap international calling networks that can help you make quality calls across the world at low rates. Cusco has many cyber cafes where internet surfing is offered at a very low cost like $1.00 per hour.


Be careful and avoid roaming at night times as the country is not safe. There are many robbers that can take an advantage if they come to know that you are an outsider. Hence, behave like one of the locals in order to safe guard your property.

Below you hop into your flight to Peru, make sure you take some online Spanish classes, it will help you get adjusted to the localities much faster….and Peruvians love when tourists speak Spanish.


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