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Tips on Tipping in Peru

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Piura, Peru)

Peruvian local restaurants that don't cater to tourists (like the Mom and Pop joints) don't expect tips. In fact, your waiter or waitress may be quite surprised to receive a tip.

Since the usual cost of a meal in one of these local restaurants is less than $5 USD (sometimes a lot less) you can afford to tip generously. However, that is up to you and the service provided.

However, it is your chance to make someone smile that day :-)

In the more up-style restaurants, especially those that cater to tourists, a reasonable 10% tip is expected. I would recommend handing it directly to your waiter. If you leave it on the table for him or her, it is likely to disappear in the management's pocket; not in all cases, of course, but be wise.

Just as in your home country, those who wait on your table have families to support and are usually working at "slave" wages. Bring a smile to their faces and do your part everywhere you eat to promote goodwill towards tourists.

In the long run it really pay off and is just about the easiest way to create good feelings among the local population.

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