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The Big Splash - February 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by geraint rowland
(Miraflores, Lima)

The Big Splash - Down by the Playa

The Big Splash - Down by the Playa

~ By: geraint rowland - Miraflores, Lima

I took this photo in Miraflores, Lima on a sunny summer's day at sunset.

The Sky was beautiful and warm, the Ocean calm, although with enough energy to create a small shore break.  

I wanted to get close enough to the Ocean to capture it's energy while displaying the brilliant colours of the Sky.

I took this photo with my Canon 500D withe the standard Kit lens 18 - 55mm

I feel that the best thing to do is: Take lot's of Photos, capture great light just prior and just after sunset and have fun!

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Coffee in Miraflores, Peru:
Miraflores, Lima, Peru photo contest
Where to Find the Best Coffee in Lima, Peru
Located in Miraflores, one of the nicest neighborhoods of Lima, you will get just the right amount of cream in a good espresso - one-third of a cup of cream. ...

Getting to Miraflores:
Miraflores Lima Peru photo contest
How far is it from the airport in Lima to Miraflores?
How long does it take to get from the Lima airport to Miraflores? About how much should I pay a taxi?

Staying in Miraflores:
Backpackers Family House, Juan Moore 304 (Reference block Nº 11 Av. Pardo) MIRAFLORES
Dorms From:$10.00
Privates From:$14.00
Backpackers Family House
The friendliest place in Miraflores. Close to everywhere (banks, markets, embassies, beach, bars, etc), 100% positive energy.
Come and join us!! More Info... »

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