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TACA adds flights to Tarapoto and Trujillo, Peru

by Inside-Peru
(Los Organos, Peru, South America)

TACA adds flights to Tarapoto and Trujillo

TACA adds flights to Tarapoto and Trujillo

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Service operates with Embraer E190 aircraft, except Juliaca is served by A320.

Schedule (2012, please check for latest scheduled flights):

Lima – Juliaca
TA003 LIM1635 – 1815JUL 320 D
TA004 JUL1859 – 2040LIM 320 D

Lima – Tarapoto
TA107 LIM0630 – 0750TPP E90 D
TA105 LIM1715 – 1835TPP E90 D

TA108 TPP0830 – 0945LIM E90 D
TA106 TPP1915 – 2030LIM E90 D

TACA (now Avianca) and LAN Add a Big Surcharge

by: David and Lin

For those who have Peruvian residency, flights for these two airlines are the prices posted.

HOWEVER, it has come to our attention that for folks from other countries, these two airlines charge a ridiculous surcharge to tourists' tickets when traveling WITHIN Peru, like from Lima to Cusco.

So be careful before confirming either of these companies for flights WITHIN Peru. International flights are the prices shown.

Previously, it was only Lan that did that. Now, apparently, TACA also does this.

We still have good reports on these two airlines for international flights but, again, BE CAREFUL if you are considering these airlines for traveling between cities inside Peru.

Check out the other airlines for tickets within Peru here.

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