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Sunday's Child - January 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by Ben

Sunday's Child Peruvian Girl Portrait

Sunday's Child Peruvian Girl Portrait

~ By: Ben - Spain

Taken with a Nikon D2Xs and 85mm prime lens, this portrait of a Peruvian girl with a Japanese grandmother was difficult to take.


Because she is so happy and full of life that it was difficult to photograph her when she wasn't smiling!

Hence the title, Sunday's Child.

Related Info:

Especially in the main cities like Lima, Peruvians are of mixed ancestry. The cities were usually founded by Spanish and, later, other European peoples. The work was done by Amerindians from the surrounding countryside.

There was a small base of African slaves brought into the country directly or indirectly. Also, the Chinese came as workers and stayed. There is a strong Japanese presence also, as in the case of the now-incarcerated ex-president Fujimori.

The preponderance of mixed races is still found mainly in the cities, while in the towns and pueblos, there is less or no mixing of races.

Walking the streets is a joy, as seen in the above photograph, with beautiful mixes and colors - all the pageantry of human life.

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