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Strikes in Cajamarca, Peru

by David Schneider @

Cajamarca Region

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Here is a report from friends in Cajamarca that might be of interest to you if you're planning on visiting that area of Northern Peru:

Some of you might have heard about the major strike that occured here in Cajamarca.

Many persons demonstrating against the mines forced everyone in the city to stop working.

Since the demonstrators took control of the city and of the airport, nobody could leave the city or receive supplies of food from the outside.

They blocked all the roads and intersections and if someone passed by with a car or motorcycle they would blow up their tires.

The price of food went up to such extent that the chicken was three times more expensive than usually!

But don't worry about us cause we were outside of the dangerous zone.

Some time later, the army took over and everything went back to normal, or almost...(they're talking about starting again the strike this week, but we'll see how it is). 

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