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Strange Lizard in Peru

by David & Lin
(Huanchaco, La Libertad, Peru)

Strange lizard eyeing me. Me eyeing back.

Strange lizard eyeing me. Me eyeing back.

Strange lizard eyeing me. Me eyeing back.
I didn't notice he was shedding until after snapping a couple of shots.
This is the more northern coast of Peru about 300 yards back from the ocean..
Can you identify this strange lizard for me?

~ submitted by David from Inside-Peru

Where I Spot a Strange Lizard

Although living in Huanchaco, Peru, near Trujillo, I usually go once a week to the small neighborhood of Huanchaquito.

It's actually separated from Huanchaco by the highway and a long stretch of beach which includes the approach to Trujillo airport.

This area is pretty dry. Huanchaquito is mostly semi-built beach homes for residents of Trujillo and is sparsely inhabited.

As in most towns in poorer Latin America, there are dusty streets with piles of rubble - bricks, rocks, dirt, sand, and masonry from torn down walls and to be used (some day?) as fill.

Strange Lizard in Peru?

On one of these days, I spotted this lizard which is bigger than the usual lizards we see around here.

He intrigued me because he had puffed out his throat as some species do when mating, alarmed, or whatever. Much as I like animals, I admit I'm pretty ignorant in some respects.

Anyway, the usual thing. Every time I tried to get a shot of this lizard with his throat (it looked red but I couldn't be sure) puffed up, he just "unpuffed" and looked at me.

I must say he was pretty unruffled by my presence. I was probably 10 feet away. I took the photos with my video camera and am surprised that they turned out so well.

I like using this Panasonic HC-V500 Full HD SD Camcorder because of its (to me anyway) great zoom lens. I love it.

On the other hand, for closer photos, it only takes mediocre shots and I use my other still camera.

But for faraway shots, and not so faraway as in this case, the zoom is just right.

Can anyone help me identify this strange lizard?

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