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South America Tours and Travel Sites

Each of the South America tours and travel sites below has been selected by me personally.

Not only do they contain information on the best south america air travel to the destination of your choice as well as hotels and food, these travel sites go much further with entertaining and informative content on culture, customs, people, and photos as well as where to go and what to see.  

You can even find a specific South America travel forum to fit your needs!




BoliviaBella.com has 1000+ pages of facts about Bolivia - all first hand!
South America Tours and Travel

Celebrate Brazil

Welcome to Celebrate Brazil, my heartfelt reflections and experiences with Brazil culture and all aspects of life in Brazil!

Join me as I share my personal experiences of travel in Brazil, learning Brazilian Portuguese, pictures of Brazil, and everything that I am learning about this beautiful country and people.

South America Travel and Tours Brazil


Colombia Travel Guide

The Colombia Travel Guide really lives up to its name, unlike other touted guides that just offer hotels, tours, and transportation.

CTG describes itself as a "Comprehensive travel guide to Colombia including detailed information on things to see and do in Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena and every other corner of this remarkable country. Full of tips and advice on hotels, flights, and the many fascinating aspects of Colombian culture. "

When first skimming my way through the site, my first question (and probably yours) was addressed right away, ie: Is Colombia dangerous?

Several easy-to-follow and very well-written pages discuss this question as well as the pros and cons of choosing Colombia as a travel destination.

I must state here that Colombia is the only country where I have been robbed at gunpoint... of a car... when I was 14 years old (too many years ago to mention); yet, Colombia left a good impression anyway on my young mind. Now, in spite of really liking it here in Peru, Colombia still pops up in conversation with my wife as a place we would like to live sometime.

Why? This really excellent site, Colombia Travel Guide, goes into detail about why you are going to like the fascinating country of Colombia - its variety, people, music, food, and much more.

Try it, you'll like it!
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Life in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country of much diversity with something for everyone.

The people and natural beauty can draw you in and make you want to stay.

How about you? Life in Ecuador?

Life in Ecuador

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