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Self-Guided Bicycle Tours

by Jonathan M.
(Lawrenceville, GA USA)

Self-Guided Bicycle Tours are the Way to Go

Self-Guided Bicycle Tours are the Way to Go

One of the best things about traveling is the scenery and simply sight-seeing. With that said what form of travel can beat bike riding, where in Peru, Argentina, or elsewhere in South America?

Self-Guided Bicycle Tours in South America

Although in some parts of the world it isn’t smart or possible but if able, one should definitely take advantage.

Using a bike and your self-guided bicycle tour is obviously a great way to view your unfamiliar surroundings and just experience your destination in a whole new light.

With that in mind, there are also other great reasons as to why one should use a bike to get around.

Why a Self-Guided Bicycle Tour?

1. It saves money for other things on your trip.

    Just think how much money you’ll save in South America on gas or taxi fare that you’ll be able to use towards something else like a great night out or eating at a new restaurant.

2. It allows you to just get up and go.

    If you’re out and about and find yourself needing to get back to your hotel (or anywhere that isn’t too far for that matter) you can simply hop on the bike and ride.

3. Great way to avoid traffic.

    Let’s say you have a place you need
to be in a fairly timely manner, a bike allows one to easily avoid traffic and get them to where they need to be without much interference or friction.

4. Everyone can use exercise.

    Obviously, exercise is key to a healthy life and riding a bike while traveling is a great form of exercise.

    The great thing is when you’re riding the bike and viewing all the scenery you can truly forget it’s exercise.

    Exercise doesn’t have to be tough and grueling to be effective.

    When you’re traveling and logging miles on the bike just think by the end of your trip, you not only had a great time, you’ve made yourself a lot healthier and nothing can beat that. 

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