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Check out the recommended restaurants in Huanchaco Beach, Peru. Seafood is the attraction here, the birthplace of world-famous ceviche!

Origin of ceviche - classic raw fish dish.

Although other cities in other places, including other countries, claim the original ceviche, Huanchaco, Peru, has probably the oldest history of this dish than anywhere else.

Huanchaco Beach is the destination for locals from the city of Trujillo, mainly for great seafood. But there is a good selection of other styles of cuisine.

From a cheap menu ($3 to $6 USD) on up, there is pizza, barbecued chicken, Italian food, organic restaurants and more to be had in this touristy town.

Here are several places that we like to eat. Unfortunately, many restaurants here open and close depending on the season. I'll date these posts so you will know how recent the recommendation is.

Restaurant El Chalán

Fronting a small park one block from the beach is this nice, quiet restaurant. You'll find the typical fare here - chicken, fish and pork dishes.

Owner Ramon and wife are friendly and helpful.

Prices - midrange $3.50 to $10.00

August 2017

Google map >>>

Surfer Burger

On the main beach road - however, it is inside a divided-up building in the back. Enter near to Huanchaco Tours between 2 small food joints (change constantly).

Here, you'll get a very substantial and tasty Gringo-style burger. Yes!

Atmosphere is bohemian/surfer/punk/hippie. Very nice owners, Emily is American - again, as of this date.

Prices - $5.00 to $10.00 USD

August 2017


If you crave pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, this is THE place to go.

Our personal friend Emanuel from Italy came for a visit for a few months. He happened to get into a conversation with the store owner at this location (just a neighborhood store), showed him how to build a wood-fired oven, make pizza and...the rest is history.

Excellent reviews, this is probably the only 5-star rated restaurant in Huanchaco.

Prices - $9.00 to $18.00 USD

August 2017

The Google Map image is outdated and still shows the store but the location is the same.

Google map image >>>

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