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Rare Peruvian Jewelry from GRAZIELLA LAFFI Collection for Sale

by Penelope Knight

These great pieces are just a few from a great collection by Penelope Knight, my (Davy Schneider of Inside-Peru) sister. She has many pieces still for sale at:

Scroll way down to where you see the name of Peru artist GRAZIELLA LAFFI.


The following pieces by Peruvian jeweler Graziella Laffi are mostly from one collection. This jewelry is a unique combination of modern and pre-Columbian design. Some of the pieces appear to be have been made early in Laffi's career--they have the soft patina of age and carry the indelible marks of hand craftsmanship.

On page 363, in the 1997 book  The Silver and Silversmiths of Peru – Patronato Plata Del Peru, Edited by Jose Torres De La Pina & Victoria Mujiea is the following information regarding Graziella Laffi:

"Throughout the 1950’s, there was a succession of landmark debates promoting modern art over institutionalized ‘indigenista’ styles.  The process led to the rise of abstract expressions in Peruvian art.  Emblematic of "cosmopolitarinism" to begin with, the new outlook was the final ingredient that brought about a full-scale revival of pre-Hispanic aesthetics and led to the “abstract
ancestralism" practiced by several leading painters.  ….The work of Florentine-born  Graziella Laffi constitutes a parallel development in the field of precious metal designs.  Like other artists, Laffi’s work is an evocation of ancient Peru harmoniously combined with the unequivocally modern.  With pre-Inca goldwork as her point of departure, her objects progressively divest their form in such a way that allows the materials themselves to become the protagonists…."


Sterling monkey pin (design certainly has pre-Columbian roots) with enamel by Graziella Laffi; approximately 2-2/8" x 1-3/8"; safety catch; marked: "G. LAFFI, PERU;" light surface wear, otherwise fine condition.

$160.00 (item #PR030)

Sterling hand-made fish pin by Graziella Laffi; great three dimensional quality, approximately 2-1/2" x 1/2"; marked "PERU, G. LAFFI, 925;" great patina, fine condition.

$175.00 (PR029)

Large sterling Peruvian eagle pin by Laffi with deep blue enamel eye and oxidation on breast; great 3-dimensional quality; a full 3-1/4" across x 2" high; marked: "PERU, G LAFFI, 925;" fine condition.

$375.00 (item #PR013)

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Comments for Rare Peruvian Jewelry from GRAZIELLA LAFFI Collection for Sale

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Apr 30, 2018
Laffi Stylized Pre-Columbia Bird Pin
by: Dot

I have a pin that I believe is Laffi's but it doesn't have the work Laffi it has a mark on it.

It is the exact same one as on Laffi's page #64 and #65 pictures except the back of the pin looks like it could be from the 1950s or older.

I was wondering if she ever made proto types for her jewelry. It is called Laffi stylized pre-Columbian Bird Pin 925 silver.

I would add a picture but don't see a place to.

Thanks! Dot

Jan 10, 2018
Pin or pendant

I have a pin made by G Laffi. It features a parrot. Can be worn as pin or pendant as it has fixtures as both . It measures 5.5mm x 3.5 mm with an edge .08mm all round like a framed box.

Oct 14, 2014
Laffi bracelet
by: stan

Please tell June I Townsend that I just bought a G. Laffi bracelet with depiction of a llama exactly (!) like hers on the "llama pendant" (marked "Welch" on reverse).

Exactly the same: OLD-VINTAGE-Graziella-Laffi-Sterling-Silver-Llama-Panel-Bracelet-Peru

stanmail, yahoo mail
United States

Jan 01, 2014
my collection
by: R Southworth

We have early 1950's cottage industry - Left facing pelican with fish with 3 turquoise eyes.

Also 2 very small pelicans.

And a tie clip with turquoise and red teardrop shape stones with opposing leaves on each outer side.

Mar 24, 2013
by: JOHN

My email is johnmcclain1 (at) comcast (dot) net

Mar 24, 2013
Plate - Peruvian
by: John

I purchased a copper plate with a silver serpent style design.

Would you be interested in seeing it? It is signed on the edge G. Laffi.

The surface is bronzed.

It is almost 10 inches in diameter. Also has a hanger for the wall.

Jun 22, 2011
Personal Large + Rare Laffi Collection
by: June Townsend

I have been a collector of and dealer in Graziella Laffi pieces for some time now.

It is always interesting to find other aficionados of this most wonderful and talented artist.

I have my own Laffi collection on ImageEvent, along with additional albums of Latin American jewelry that I have had over the years.

Should anyone be curious, here is the URL to my ImageEvent site:

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