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Questions about music in traditional Peru

by Fons Beijer
(Los Angeles)

Hi there!

At the moment I'm doing some research on Peru and there are some things I can't seem to figure out myself, so maybe you guys can help me out!

I'm trying to find out information about traditional funeral ceremonys from the original peruvian tribes. My main focus for this project is on music so I was wondering if there are certain songs or Chants that are typically used at funerals/burials in Peru/Incas/Andean peoples. If there is, do these chants or songs have a name so I can research them?

I'm also wondering about the ceremonys for becoming a new Leader of a traditional Peruvian tribe. I found some information about there being always one big leader in an Inca group: the Sapa Inca. Are there ceremonys for choosing this new leader? (if for example the old one dies). If so: Is there music / chants / sounds involved in these ceremonys??

Looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Fons Beijer

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Resarch Needs to be Done - Regional Varieties
by: David

Hi Beijer,

Thanks for your question. We aren't familiar with the funeral rituals of tribes in Peru. The Quechua (Inca descendants) have several at least 5 distinct groups in Peru so there is likely a variation. However, we lived mostly on the coast where the tribal customs were lost years ago and funerals are mostly Roman Catholic.

I believe both the funeral customs and the choosing of a new leader would vary greatly between coastal, mountain, and jungle tribes of where there were hundreds, so it would be a long and interesting study for someone.

There may be more information available depending on the region and research done but we are not aware of where that information might be.

We will post this question and hopefully a reader can contribute some positive leads for you.

David & Lin

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