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Question on length of visa when traveling to Peru

by Jacques

When I get to Peru how long can I stay on a tourist visa? What happens if I stay longer than the expiration date?

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Tourist visa in Peru stay
by: Anonymous

You normally get a visa stamped for 90 days. You can request 180 days and if the guy is in a good mood, you might get it.

To renew, cross the border into Chile, Bolivia, or Ecuador...or Brazil if you're in the oriente. Spend the night and cross back to get a new visa stamped.

Ask again for the 180 days one.

Overstay visit will cost you $$$
by: Anonymous

It will cost you $1 USD per day if you stay over your due date on your tourist visa.

You won't be able to leave the country until you pay the fees.

Make sure you go to the government office to pay the fines and don't wait until trying to cross the border.

You don't want to give your passport to an unreliable lawyer like my daughter did. She couldn't get it back for a long, long time and had to pay over $1,000 in fees. Of course, she couldn't leave the country either since she didn't have her passport.

She did get the lawyer finally to cough up a good part of the penalties.

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