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Punta Veleros towards Los Organos Beach

by David and Lin Schneider
(Port Angeles, WA)

Punta Veleros Beach with rocks showing

Punta Veleros Beach with rocks showing

Punta Veleros Beach with rocks showing
Punta Veleros about one month later - sand covers all the rocks

We lived in Los Organos for 1-1/2 years until 2011.

We'll be returning there but likely going farther south near Trujillo.

From our apartment in Los Organos, it would take about 25 minutes to walk out here almost to Punta Veleros.

Punta Veleros means Sailboats Point. Actually, the boats referred to are likely the old-time "boats" that some still use - balsa logs strapped together.

These rafts are used for fishing. The person stands pretty much all the time on the narrow raft. He has a sail that he hoists to take advantage of the wind or uses a board to paddle when there isn't wind or it is contrary.

Los Organos has a much larger quantity of regular fishing boats. You can just see the left side of the first photo. The building at the land end is a fish cleaning and packing building.

The main catch locally is "pota," or giant squid.

When the pota are around, fishing boats bring in hundreds at a time to the "muelle" or pier.

The Beach

Lin and I usually walk this beach looking for sea glass and shells.

There is excellent surf at La Vuelta, which is behind us looking at this photo.

It is amazing that, even with little wave action or storms, the sand here can totally wash out almost overnight to where there are bare rocks and reef.

The first photo shows the sand washed away almost to the retaining wall in front of these small hotels.

About 25 days later, the sand is back with no rocks showing from the water to the retaining wall.

Air temperature is generally around 83 degrees getting a little hotter or cooler at times.

Kind of nice!

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