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Pictures of Peru - Peru Pictures and Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures of Peru...well, you just have to see them for yourself!

Famous Photographers Quotes:

"Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual."
~ Edward Weston 1886-1958

"The pictures are there, and you just take them."
~ Robert Capa 1913-1954

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand."
~ Ansel Adams 1902-1984

Pictures of Peru Categories:

Photography Contests Pictures:

Peru Pictures from Culture and Archaeology

Huantar de Chavin Stone Head - Chavin Culture Ceramic - Chavin Culture Ceramic Monkey - Chavin Culture Rooster - Chavin Culture Chavin Culture Inca Tunic Huaca de La Luna Wall - Moche Culture Moche Culture Moche Culture Moche Culture Moche Culture Moche Culture Paracas Culture Shawl Nazca Lines Paracas Geometric Design

Huantar de Chavin
Chavin culture stone head sculpture
Stone Head
Chavin Culture
Chavin Culture
Ceramic Monkey
Chavin Culture
Gold Forehead  Adornment
Chavin Culture
Inca Tupa Tunic
Huaca de La Luna Wall
Moche Culture
Ceramic Head
Moche Culture

Moche Duck Pottery
Moche Ceramic Head
Ceramic Head
Moche Culture
Moche Yucca Pottery
Moche Parrot Pottery

moche_portraitMoche Portrait
Paracas Culture Mantle
nazca_lines Peru
Nazca Lines
Paracas Geometric Design
by Bruno Girin

Photographs of Peru Mountains

Lake Titicaca Reed Islands
by Ahron de Leeuw

by Kubi-to

Machu Picchu Peru
Machu Picchu

Pacachutec Peru Mountains

Mountains of Colca Canyon
Colca Heights

Machu Picchu Peru
Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Peru
Lake Titicaca

Photos of Peru Jungle and Rain Forest

Peruvian Jungle
Peruvian Jungle
by Ahron de Leeuw
Rio Tambopata, Peru
Rio Tambopata, Peru
by Leander Canaris
Jungle Canoe, Loreto_peru_paddle
Jungle Canoe, Loreto
by Jake G
Jungle Tree Many Roots
by LollyKnit
Amazon river cruises
Amazon Riverboat
by Passer-By

Pictures of Peru 1
by Gimungor

Peru Pictures of the Coast

Beach at Mancora, Peru
The Beach in Mancora, Peru
by Theodore Scott
El Nuro Peru Coast
Mancora, Peru
Catacoas coast peru piura  
Catacaos, Peru
Sea Shell Peru  
Sea Shell
Egret Peru coast  
Egret Fishing
Los Organos old pilings with boobies  
Los Organos
Los Organos old pilings with boobies  
Piletes de Agua
Catacaos Peru Piura Panama Hats  
Panama Hats
Sea Shell Peru  

Photos of Peru's Plants and Animals

Pelicans Ballestas Islands Paracas, Peru
by Adrien Caudron
Peru Capuchin monkey
by Ivan Mlinaric
Blue Footed Boobies
by D. Schneider
Llama on Machu Picchu
pictures of peru strange fish 
Peru Fish
by David Schneider
pictures of peru strange fish 
Blue Piping Guan 

Pictures of Peru People

Francisco Pizarro
Francisco Pizarro
Pictures of Peru Andean Man
Andean Man
Pictures of Peru Mario Vargas Llosa
Mario Vargas
Llosa - 1985
Mario Vargas
Llosa - 2010

Pictures of Peru Other

Fiesta de Torros PeruFiesta de Torros Peru
by Ahron de Leeuw
Ceviche Mixto
Ceviche Mixto
Davy at train station with aunt, uncle, sisters
Davy (Inside-Peru editor) at Peru train station ca. 1956
David and Friend Peru 1956
Davy (editor) and friend, Peru ca. 1956

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Everyone loves to see where you have been and where they would like to be!

Even if it's just you smiling in front of a statue, well, submit it here.

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See Photos from other Visitors!

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Caballitos de Totora - Huanchaco Beach Peru 
These reed boats, known as Caballitos de Totora (Reed Ponies) are straddled by local fishermen who paddle them out through the surf. Behind the fisherman …

Machu Picchu 
~ Submitted by Anon From Aguas Calientes we got on a bus and zigzagged up the steep side of a mountain spur that stuck like a jagged knife into the …

Peru Pelicans, Ballestas Islands 
Pelicans, Ballestas Peru Some of the most beautiful pelicans in the world can be seen all along the coast of Peru. In this beautiful photo …

Mermaid Purses or Witches Purses 
~ submitted by David Walking the beach here in Huanchaco, Lin and I are always looking for interesting things: Sea Glass Driftwood …

Strange Lizard in Peru 
~ submitted by David from Inside-Peru Where I Spot a Strange Lizard Although living in Huanchaco, Peru, near Trujillo, I usually go once a week …

Lima - Peru 
~ submitted by Inez Rivas , Porto Alegre, Brasil Fiz uma viagem de uma semana a Lima. Me apaixonei pela cidade e pelo povo sempre alegre e hospitaleiro. …


Punta Veleros towards Los Organos Beach 
We lived in Los Organos for 1-1/2 years until 2011. We'll be returning there but likely going farther south near Trujillo. From our apartment in …

Machu Picchu Poser! 
About this photo: "Picchu Poser" was just sheer luck! A small herd of llamas was making their way through the middle of the ruins of Machu Picchu, …

Power of the Mountains - Pachacutec - Peru 
By: Manya Kuzemchenko - Brooklyn, NY, USA Where was this photo taken? Near Pachacutec pass at about 4700 meters above sea level, between Cancha …

Vertientes de Machu Picchu - October 2011 Peru Photo Contest ~ By: Valentina Reyes - Santiago, Chile Sometimes in Peru..... This special photo is in the October Inside-Peru …

Colca Cañon 
Described by visitors as "spectacular," the Colca Canyon, Peru region is definitely on our list of recommended destinations. How to: Landscape …

Cathedral at Catacaos, Departamento de Piura, No. Peru 
Catacaos is known for its artisans - pottery and silver jewelry made locally, also Peruvian "panama hats," the real thing, leather goods, etc. We can't …

Seashells Conchas Peru  
Among many different shells, here are two found in March 2011. Los Organos, Peru. The beach is sand with exposed rock reef and small tide pools. Identification …

Great Egret? Sea fishing peru 
We saw this beautiful egret on several occasions while in North Peru near Mancora. I believe it is a great egret but don't know for sure. It is fishing …

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Part of Las Lomas is designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage site.

Some of the remains were wrapped in cloth.

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