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Peruvian Sights / Facts on Peru / Sites

Are you looking for the top ten Peruvian sights and the real facts on Peru? You are sure to find the most interesting facts on Peru as well as the best "Peru sights" (and sites), where?

On "Peru sites" of course! Here are some of our Peru friends and their "sights in Peru" -  about and by people living in Peru.

While browsing the internet and researching information and facts on Peru, we come across a wide range of sites about Peru and Peru travel. From these we choose the Peru sites that represent the best information on Peruvian sights, sounds, and experiences.

Check them out!

Peruvian Sights / Facts on Peru / Sites

South America Tours and TravelVilaya Tours - www.vilayatours.com

Vilaya Tours operates trekking & hotel based tours exclusively in the Chachapoyas area and northern Peru.

The area is rich in archaeology, and close to our base in Chachapoyas is the largest ancient stone structure in South America.

South America Tours and TravelIquitos Times

For facts on Peru Amazon flavor and color...
  • The Amazon Fish Angel: The First Woman Fishing Guide in the Upper Amazon.
  • Results of The Amazon Raft Race 2010
  • Top 10 things to do while in Iquitos, Peru
  • Three Sapo, Four Nu Nu's and One Beer
  • Face to Face with Wildlife in a Peruvian Rainforest
... the Iquitos Times just can't be beat!

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Recommended Reading:

The White Rock

An Exploration of the Inca Heartland

The Peru Reader

History, Culture, Politics

The Conquest of the Incas

"A superb work of narrative history"
-- Antonia Fraser

Birds of Peru

"A major accomplishment"
 -- Birder's World

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