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Peruvian Road and Accident Insurance Tax

by Kudzai

Vehicle Accident Insurance in Peru

Question from Kudzai:


I would like to know if Peru has mandatory road(car license) tax as well as car insurance tax.

If yes, do they issue stickers/decals as proof of payment/renew which must be stuck on the windscreen like in some countries or they have a different method?

Answer from David at

Peru requires the accident insurance on all vehicles including motorcycles. The following information will answer your question more fully.

There are two kinds of accident insurance in Peru depending on the use of the vehicle.

1. SOAT (Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance)

SOAT is a compulsory insurance established by law. Its objective is to ensure the immediate and unconditional attention of victims of traffic accidents that suffer bodily injury and death regardless of who was at fault.

SOAT Certificates are granted by insurance companies to cover all accidents involving vehicles that transit throughout the country of Peru.

2. CAT (Certificate of Traffic Accident Insurance)

CATs are issued exclusively by AFOCAT (Associations of Regional or Provincial Funds against Traffic Accidents) for the coverage of vehicles used for the provision of provincial public transport services for passengers within a provincial or regional scope.

Who must purchase CAT or SOAT?

SOAT: The owners of motor vehicles that circulate throughout the national territory, including those used for public transport of passengers who do not have CAT.

CAT: Vehicle transporters, including motorcycle taxis, who provide provincial public transport service for passengers, who are members of an AFOCAT.

What do I need to know about the proof of insurance sticker?

The sticker (called a rosette) lastds for five years. However, the insurance purchase (premium) is paid every year. You can purchase this at a bank and via internet including on a cell phone.

Where to put the sticker?

The sticker (rosette) should be placed in the middle of the windshield just below the central rear view mirror.     

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Peruvian Road
by: Anonymous

Getting around Peru by means of a rental car isn't the easiest or best option for the great majority of travelers. It is also far from the cheapest. ( ) Distances are long, the terrain is either difficult or unrelentingly boring for long stretches along the desert coast, roads are often not in very good condition, Peruvian drivers are aggressive, and accident rates are very high.

Here's the info on the annual tax
by: David

Anybody who buys a new or used car has to pay a tax called Vehícular Tax.

After buying a car you must report it to SAT. If you can't do this in person, you can give a power of attorney to a family member or friend you trust.

Here are the two different situations affecting buyers:

For new car: The owner has 30 calendar days after the purchase to go to SAT and declare it.

For used car: The owner has until the last working day of February of the year following the purchase.

Payments are made annually, every January 1st. Figuring out how much it is can be a headache and is approximate, so you'll need to go in and find out.

The first payment is made the year following the registration or registration in Registros Públicos (the Public Registries) and the following payments are made in the offices of SAT for a period of three years.

Source: TODOAutos 

Peruvian Road and Accident Insurance Tax
by: Kudzai

Hello David,

Thank you very much for that. Really helpful.

Another user informed me that there is also an annual tax on vehicles.

Does this also come with a Rosette that must be stuck onto the windscreen?

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