Peruvian Reputation

by Chante

How are Peruvians seen in comparison to other South American countries?

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Peruvians seen as...
by: Anonymous

I have lived several years in each of four Latin American countries and in each country a lot of the thieving and general crime is attributed to either the country to the north or the one to the south.

In Ecuador, it's blamed on the Colombianos or Peruanos.

In Bolivia, it's the Peruanos or troublemakers from Argentina or the Brazileiros.

In Peru, it's probable the same.

In the US, it would depend on where you live. Some parts of the US have a lot of Peruvians settled there, others have latinos from a different country almost exclusively.

Where we lived in North Carolina, it was almost all Mexicanos, whereas a few miles away in Charlotte there were more from Central America than anywhere else.

Since Peru is a whole lot farther away and has no borders with the USA, the illegal traffic is very small in comparison, so the complaints about Peru's illegals are minimal, although there Peru does send a small share.

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