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Peru jewelry today is available in a wide variety of beautiful styles and colors. The styles may reflect the rich heritage of Inca or Pre-Inca cultures, such as the Moche Civilization or the beautiful Chavin Culture art.

The hundreds of archaelogical digs in Peru have provided rich fodder for jewelry artists today.

But the jewelry of is not limited to just reflecting antique art styles of the early cultures.

In fact, along with the well-known silver and gold jewelry produced by Peru artisans, the eco-friendly trend and tourist markets have encouraged the production of beautiful jewelry made of organic materials.

Some of these, like Huayruro seed jewelry, Mate gourd jewelry, and Spondylus shell jewelry have been handed down from generation to generation.

Other jewelry using husks, bamboo, shells, stones, wood, tagua, and various other organic materials is part of the new approach to Peruvian jewelery marketing.

Trivia ~ Hiram Bingham, the explorer adventurer who uncovered Machu Picchu in 1911, was married to Alfreda Mitchell, an heiress to the Tiffany jewelry fortune.
Even butterfly wings are inlaid and miniature textiles are presented between tiny glass panes, reflecting the creative thinking of todays Peruvian jewelry artisans!

Although the Incas were oppressed and finally conquered by adventurers because of their rich gold hoardings, mainly in the form of ceremonial jewelry, mining for gold and other minerals did not take place on a large scale until the invasion of Spanish civilization in Peru.

Currently, Peru is known for its production of copper, being the 3rd major source of copper worldwide.

Based on the results of ExpoPeru in 2010, the sectors with the greatest potential to export include jewelry from Peru.

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