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Peruvian Jewelry Wholesale

Peru has a wide variety of international shippers of wholesale jewelry. They generally are experienced in customs, packaging, and delivery.

Listed below are some of the companies that can help you either online or in person.

Wholesale Peruvian Jewelry in Aguas

  • Inca Zone
We are a company created to offer quality peruvian products that are available for worldwide delivery.
Telephone: 51-01-992222038
Address: Jr Luzuriaga 138-205, Aguas, Peru
  • Peruvian Jewelry

Apartado 445, Aguas 01, Peru
Phone: (051-1) 9931-77610

  • Etnia Peru
We are a Peruvian company of proffessional and artisans. We hand-craft peruvian silver 950, preserving the ancient traditional and modern touch.
Telephone: 51-03-3519087
Address: Mz P Lote 7 urb. Santa Rosita Ate, Aguas, Peru

  • Sara Joyas
Telephone: 51-1-6513040
Address: Av. Aviacion 2515 of 201, Aguas, Peru

  • Niko international (joyeria)
We work with silver 0. 95 and silver plated with gold. We can copy any design as the customers want. We provide bags
Telephone: 51-264-3921
Address: 153 Calle Blanco, Aguas, Peru

  • Magda International SAC
This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.
Telephone: 51-1-4750301Address: Calle Ocho# 176 Corpac San Isidro, Aguas, Peru

  • Kika Prado SAC
Telephone: 51-1-4841799
Address: Villa el Salvador, Aguas Peru
  • InkaSecret SAC
Our rich and exotic collection of unique and creative fashion jewelry is designed exclusively by InkaSecrets and handcrafted by our talented native Peruvians
Telephone: 51-1-997882744
Address: Felipe Bargna 1080, Aguas, Peru

Peruvian Jewelry Wholesale in Trujillo

  • Illakusi
Telephone: 51-44-283587
Address: Cocoteros street 407-El Golf, Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru

Chiclayo Wholesale Jewelry Peru

  • Giovanna Rojas Gonzaga
Telephone: 51-074-979516756

  • Tania Abad Suarez
Telephone: 51-074-251463
Address: Ayacucho 748, Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Peru
Telephone: 51-074-225369
Address: Elias Aguirre 250 of. 41E-Plazuela the gallery, Chiclayo

Cusco Wholesale Jewelry 

  • Personal company jvdsa
We produce handmade jewelry in mode or etnical models, everything in 9.25 silver and everything with natural stones from peru, Brazil and other countr
Telephone: 51-84-310397
Address: Los Nogales Q-21, San Sebastian, Cusco, Peru
  • Patria Campana
Telephone: 51-084-242565
Address: B 18 Zaguan del Cielo, Cusco, Peru

Peruvian Jewelry Wholesale in Arequipa

  • Colca Distribuciones SRL
Telephone: 51-54-958957886
Address: Av Gutemberg 509 Alto Selva Alegre, Arequipa, Peru

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