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Where to find flights for Tours and Overflights of specific destinations.

Some destinations in Peru are best seen by what are called "overflights." An example would be the Nazca (Nasca) Lines, which can really be appreciated only from the air. Also air tours are best if you are in Peru for a very limited time and want to see large areas such as the Colca Canyon or Cotahuasi Canyon, the jungle rivers, etc, within that limited timeframe.

The list below will show you what airlines cover the most popular air tours and also some lesser-known destinations in Peru.

Peruvian Airlines for Tours and Overflights

These peruvian tours and overflights not only let you see vast landscapes of inspiring mountain, coast, and jungle views, but some also focus on very specific areas with low flying and super photo opportunities.

We invite you to write your comments and read what others have said about Peru arilines or companies that do overflights and aircraft tours.

Below you will find a list of the fights available for booking that cover certain destinations in Peru. 

Aero Condor:
Ica, Nazca, Paracas

Lima, Nazca

Peruvian airlines AeroDiana Nazca flights
Pisco, Nazca


Peruvian airlines overflights Nazca Lines

Star Peru
Flights within Peru as well as international flights.

TACA Airlines

TACA Airlines will begin flying within Peru starting February 15, 2011. TACA has added flights recently, for example to Trujillo and Tarapoto.

Please let us know if you have information on other Peruvian airlines or air tours providing these services and if you woud recommend them. Click on Peru Travel Tips in the above. Seeing Peru from the air gives you a totally different view of its terrain and foliage, snow-covered mountains, crystal clear desert views, the snake-like meanderings of its huge rivers, and the remoteness of communities that remain isolated to a certain extent from the rest of civilization.

You have access to areas that would take days or weeks of hiking or canoeing to see otherwise. If you possibly can, catch a few of these overflights or tours.

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