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What is the weather like in Peru? Three major divisions in weather - coastal desert, mountains, jungle.

It is said that Peru has 28 types of weather. Why so many? Because of its extremes of geographical features, it's really next to impossible to accurately categorize the weather in this country in fewer types than that.

In very, very general terms, you might say the climate is temperate or mild; that is, no major rain or snow in the winter and not too hot in summer.

For example, this would be the case in the capital city, Lima , where in summer the average temperature is 25° C (upper 70s F), and winter days are characterized by gray, damp and cloudy, with temperatures between 12° C and 15° C (the mid 50s F).

That's in Lima , however, which sits approximately in the middle of the north/south coastal strip of Peru, and only represents one of the 28 types of weather regions. For example:

A short distance to the east is the Andes Mountains range, where temperatures obviously drop as one climbs thousands of feet in a few miles. Then continuing east, not that much further as the condor flies, the temps rise quickly, along with the rainfall, as you drop down to the jungle, once again at near sea level.

Peru Weather - Hot and Tropical?

Peru is located in the tropics. It should be hot and tropical, right? Well...yes and no. Peru, stretching from north of the Equator to only 18 degrees southern latitude, falls totally within the tropics.

But not all is as it seems on the coast of Peru. Its nothernmost coastal department (state), Tumbes, is within 4 degrees of the Equator and is hot, tropical, and has heavy rains part of the year.

But from there south, the scenery rapidly changes to dry subtropical desert and temperatures cooling (see Lima, above) as you go farther and farther south.

Interestingly, Tacna, one of the most southern of Peru's cities, is only 18 degrees from the Equator, closer than either Havana, Cuba, or Cancun, Mexico; Peru weather at sea level in Tacna, however, is temperate and dry.

But yes, on the eastern side of the Andes, hot, wet, wonderful (for plants, animals, and some humans) tropical weather is found right down the line.

The variety in climate is reflected in the way Peruvians dress, their local methods of transportaion, and their food. Construction of their dwellings varies also, with notable differences between desert, mountain, and tropical building.

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The Three Major Weather Regions in Peru

There are three climatic areas that correspond to the three geographical areas of Peru:

  • In the subtropical western coast of Peru the summer temperatures may exceed 29° C (upper 80s F), while winter runs from June to September and is humid and rainy, with temperatures around 14° C (50s F).

  • In the central mountains the weather is cold and dry and the temperature fluctuates between 9 and 18 degrees (50-65 degrees F) depending on the time of day. The sun tends to shine every morning of the year, but at night the thermometer dial may show only 5° C (40 degrees F).

  • In the eastern jungle the climate is tropical, hot, and humid, and the average temperature is 25 to 28 degrees Celsius (mid 80s F).

In the mountains and jungle rains begin in December and end in April.

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Peru Weather - Seasons in Peru?

Peru is in the southern hemisphere, so the "seasons" in Peru are: * Summer: from December 22 to March 21.

  • Autumn: March 22 to June 21.
  • Winter: from June 22 to September 22.
  • Spring: from September 23 to December 21.

That being said, Peru is so close to the Equator that changes of seasons are not noted so much by temperature change as they are by rainfall changes and changes in the ocean temperature on the coast.

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