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Peru Travel Tips and Suggestions

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10 Top Peru Travel Tips

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Peru Travel Tips
Peru Travel Tips
Don't drink the water...carry TP
photo courtesy of Josh Giovo

1. Don't drink the water - that is, drink only bottled water. There is no clean potable water in Peru.

2. Carry toilet paper at all times. Flush it even if you're told not too.

3. Make several copies of your passport and put them in different places - luggage, your person, and with friends. Most hotels have a security locker for valuables. Include your passport in it while you are staying there.

4. Be careful of overly-friendly strangers.

5. Don't be raucous and treat everyone with respect. Begin your questions with "por favor (please)." Say, "Gracias (thank you)" whenever possible.

Peru Travel Tips
Peru Travel Tips
Hang out and enjoy yourself!

6. Number your luggage. Each piece should have its number and the total number of pieces. For example, "1 of 6," "2 of 6," etcetera.

7. Don't hitchhike, especially if you are a woman (don't laugh, we've seen it).

8. Check Inside-Peru News Updates whenever possible to see if there's anything important going on that you should know about (outbreaks of dengue fever, roads closed due to strikes or heavy rain, etcetera).

9. The easiest thing to steal is your bag or backpack. Carry your passport or other important papers in an inside pocket. The worst "why did I" stories one usually hears are losing a purse or backpack when not paying attention... and having your passport and credit cards in it.

10. And MOST IMPORTANT Peru Travel Tip of all - Enjoy the scenery, culture, hang out, and ... have fun!

Tips on Peruvian Mental Processes

If you're like us, you spend a little bit of your free time checking out sites on interesting places you'd like to visit perhaps some day. I was looking at a site on England travel tips and came across a couple of funny and intriguing pages on differences in mental attitudes.

That got me thinking about how mental processes are different in Peru and thought it would be great idea to ask you to add your observations on how Peruvians think or do things differently.


  • Police vehicless will turn on their emergency lights for no apparent reason. They turn them on here on our street just to cross the intersection (sometimes hitting the siren also) and then turn them off. 

    Huanchaco, Peru, police cars and their mental attitude
    Huanchaco, Peru - Dec. 30, 2013
     New vehicles, same mental processes.

    A lot of times, they'll come up behind a bus or taxi we're on with their lights flaring and blinking, but nobody pulls over; everyone knows they just turn them on when they feel the need for a little attention or because they're bored.

  • In the USA, the traditional attitude of a business is the "customer is always right." In Peru, however, the person working behind the counter is always right and is actually doing you a big favor to sell you something .

At first, some of the differences in mental attitude are really frustrating and hard to get used to. Eventually, though, you get so accustomed to this way of thinking that it almost seems normal. Almost.

Do you have any observations on Peruvian mental processes and how they differ from those in North American heads? Entertain us by adding them in the form below.

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