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Peru tourism, that is, vacationing in Peru, a country situated on the Pacific Coast of South America, is one of the most exciting experiences that you can have!

Tourism in Peru If you don't know much about Peru, you may be surprised that tourism is one of the country's largest industries, with people traveling to explore the:

of this beautiful and compelling South American country. 

Tourism in Peru - On this Page:

Ancient Culture and Archeology

Peru has a number of distinct cultural presences that attract people from around the world. 


The pre-Columbian people who inhabited Peru have left a significant cultural stamp on the country. 

Probably the most well known example is the ruins of Machu Picchu, left by the Incan Empire. 

Other important ruins include:

The Spanish Colonial Era

The influence of Spanish explorers is also important throughout Peru, and
The Cities
peru tourism
outstanding examples of architecture built during the Spanish Viceroyalty exist in Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa

Peru Museums

Lima houses several museums that show the history of Peru, including:
  • National Museum of Anthropology, Archaeology, and History
  • The National Museum of Peruvian Culture
  • The Rafael Larco Herrera Archeological Museum  
  • Find out more about Lima's museums...

Peru Tourist Attractions - Eco-Tourism in Peru

Peru's Animals and Ecological Reserves

Peru is the native home of the jaguar and nearly half of its geographical area lies
The Scenery
peru tourism
in the Amazon Basin. 

Much of the land in Peru is protected by national parks, which draw visitors from around the world. 

The country is continually expanding to support eco tourism, and gives visitors the chance to access some of the most beautiful rainforests on earth. 

The Rainforest

Visitors to the High Jungle area of the Amazon will find that they are able to easily enjoy the rainforest, while adventurers will want to experience the true wilderness of the low-lying jungle in the vast tropical rainforest of Northeastern Peru

Peru tourism, including the Manu National Park, Abiseo National Park and the Tambopata-Candamo Area, is designed to protect the environment for generations to enjoy.

Some ecologically-oriented parks are fairly easy to get to; others not quite so easy.

Describing Tambopata, the informative site says, "Getting to Tambopata is part of the adventure. An early morning flight from Lima takes you over the Andes to Puerto Maldonado.

"It is an eight hour ride up the Madre de Dios River in this boat to camp at the Tambopata Research Center. The scenery is spectacular and wild life and wild life abundant."

It sounds like an exciting trip and, believe me, Lin and I are ready to go! How about you?

Tourism in Peru Spells Adventure

If you are looking for adventure, Peru tourism is uniquely suited for you.
The Coast
peru tourism

Thanks to the country's natural geographic diversity, you can experience everything from rafting to rock climbing to hiking and even skiing. 

Surfing Peru - Exciting Peru Tourist Attractions

The country is particularly well known for surfing, and hosts international surfing competitions that draw thousands. 

Hiking Peru - Exciting Peru Tourist Attractions

Experienced hikers will find the Inca Trail from Cusco to Machu Picchu an unmatched experience.  The trail takes three to four days to hike, and takes adventurers through some of the most scenic and historic portions of the Peruvian country side. 

Rafting Peru - Exciting Peru Tourist Attractions

River rafting is widely available through bookings in Cusco and Lima
and provides an experience for all abilities from novice to expert.  
The Travel
peru tourism

And Relaxing

For those who prefer a more relaxed vacation, the beaches of Peru compete with any other vacation destination in the world. 

Peru Tourist Attractions

The Amazing Geographical Variety

The Peruvian coastline is more than 2414 kilometers, and is dotted with beach resorts and small towns where the year round sunny weather attracts tourists year round. 

The northern beaches at Mancora or nearby Los Organos have white sand beaches and are so well known that it inspired a movie.  The night life at Mancora makes it ideal for those who want to cut lose, while nearby Punta Sal is perfect for families and those seeking a more laid back vacation.

Peru's Cuisine - An Added Feature of Tourism in Peru

Peruvian cuisine is a tasty mix of Spanish and traditional Peruvian foods, with influence from Japan and China, West Africa, and Italy. 

Foods from these countries have been adapted to locally available produce, creating a unique blend of flavors that makes an exciting dining experience. 

  • Restaurants in Cusco are known for such specialty cuisine as Chifa, which is a mix of Chinese and Peruvian cooking which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

  • Ceviche is a well known dish which originated in Peru and can still be found in a variety of versions throughout Peru. 

  • The region is undergoing a cultural revival, with traditional ingredients such as quinoa, kiwicha, peppers, and native roots and tubers finding their way into traditional dishes.

All the Best Reasons for a Peru Vacation

Peru tourism is growing rapidly, and thanks to the thousands of visitors to the country each year, Peru has developed an infrastructure to support the growing demand. 

Visitors will find:
Whether you are looking for exciting activities, serene beaches, gourmet dining, or just a relaxed beach vacation in an exotic locale, come to Peru for an experience you will never forget!

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