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Do you have a question about Peru? Feel free to ask whatever is on your mind. Scroll down to read Questions and Answers by us at Inside-Peru and our viewers. Don't hesitate! All questions are welcomed!

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Questions and Answers about Peru from other Visitors

Click below to see questions, answers, and comments from other visitors to this page...

Rural land purchase minimum hectare law? 
Hi, I would like to purchase between .25 and .5 hectares of rural jungle land from an property owner in Northern Peru. Can I do this legally? …

Peru Postage Stamps 
Hi George, The central office for the postal service (Serpost) is on Av. Tomas Valle S/N - Los Olivos - Lima 39 - Perú Serpost has a website that …

Computer Service/repair 
Hey everybody, My Dell Laptop is broke and I need someone that can fix it as soon as possible? Can anyone of you recommend a computer specialist in …

¿Chicos Perú? 
¿Cómo describiría usted a los chicos de Perú? ¿Bajos, altos, buen humor, serios, sinceros, etc? ¿Son buenos esposos? En respuesta a esta pregunta …

Lima Airport - connections 
I arrive from Sao Paulo at 11:15pm on LAN airlines, and must connect to a Delta flight to the US at 12:30am The airlines claim this is enough time....I …

Border Crossing from Peru to Bolivia 
I am thinking about taking the bus from Puno across the border to Bolivia. What should I expect at the border crossing? Do I need to pay anything on …

Silver factory in Cusco? 
When we traveled through Cusco, our guide took the group to the silver factory. No one of course thought of writing down the name or address, but now …

How long is the bus ride from Lima to Quito? 
Can someone tell me how long it takes by bus to get from Lima to Ecuador border and then to Guayaquil, then to Quito? Thanks

Vos, vosotros, tu, ustedes in Peru? 
Are vos and vosotros used in Peru commonly? Traveling in Argentina, that is what you hear the most. But someone said that in Peru you can't use those …

Peruvian Cooking Classes in Lima in English? 
I need to find out if their are Peruvian cooking classes in Lima, Peru. Please help. Just post your answer as a comment and I will see it! Thank you …

Are papaya seeds good for expelling parasites? 
We've heard from someone that you should eat papaya seeds every now and then to protect against parasites when traveling in countries such as Peru, and …

Can you identify this strange fish in Peru? 
Lin and I were walking on the beach here in Los Organos, N. Peru looking for sea glass . Not much sea glass but we came across this strange fish. Well, …

How would you describe the typical Peruvian guy? 
~ Question submitted by by Juana (Southern California, USA) Would you describe the typical Peruvian guy as: Short, tall, humorous, serious, …

Who Built Machu Picchu? 
Was Machu Picchu an army fort or a place to hide from enemies or was it a city like others in the Inca Empire? Why is it so famous?

Is it safe to travel in Lima and Machu Picchu, Peru? 
My daughter will be traveling through Lima and to Machu Picchu. Is travel in Peru safe? I don't want to worry about my daughter but I don't have any …

Day Trip to Machu Picchu? 
Is it possible to take a trip to Machu Picchu from Cusco and come back in the same day?

What is the climate in Peru? 
I know the Andes run through the country, but it is also fairly long. Is it tropical in the north and a cold temperate climate in the south, or how does …

Peruvian Reputation 
How are Peruvians seen in comparison to other South American countries?

Flush Toilet Paper in Peru? 
I just came across this statement on the internet, "Because of the unsophisticated plumbing in Peru, used toilet paper is not flushed down the toilet but …

Polo In Peru? 
I have always been interested in finding out if polo is played in Peru (I'm sure it must be) and how good it is compared to the other South American countries. …

Where are the best Photo Locations in Peru? 
Hi. Thanks for your great site. I'm a landscape photographer who has always wanted to photograph Peru. If you had 2 weeks in Peru, what would be on your …

Can I start a business exporting crafts from Peru? 
Yes, you can. However, there is a lot of red tape involved and you, whether foreign or Peruvian, will have to go through a LOT of red tape and may never …

Best archeological sites in Peru 
Can you please recommend other amazing sites to put on my "must see" list when I visit Peru next year. Everyone thinks of Machu Picchu first but it …

Medical Tourism in Peru? 
Is it worth getting a ticket to Lima, Peru, for a common operation like a rotator cuff operation? Does anyone know about how much that would cost? Or other …

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Nazca Peru Bus Tickets 
Hi everyone, i want information about Nazca Peru bus tickets. I found many websites for bus ticket booking. I am confused which one is better. Guys …

Can I purchase a T.E.N.S. machine in Peru 
Question: I want a friend in Peru to have a tens machine to help with pain, can tens be bought in Lima Peru? Answer: Yes, you can buy a TENS …

Wearing shorts to dine in Peru? 
Question: Can a woman wear shorts to dine in peru? _______________ Answer: Yes and no. Just as in the other countries, whether it is accepted to …

Can I Bottle Chicha de Jora? 
I have been wanting to make some chicha for a long time now and finally after having a few home made brews under my belt I feel that I am confident enough …

How would you describe the typical Brazilian guy? 
~ photo from wikipedia There are a lot of Brazilians here in Canada. At work there is one that is interesting and likable. But I don't …

Peru Ebola Funny 
Ebola in Peru The following conversation was in Spanish: A friend stated that many people in Lima were complaining "de ebola (of ebola)." That it …

Are there native floating islands on the Peru side of Lake Titicaca? 
Are there natives on floating islands on the Peru side of Lake Titicaca? If there are no natives on floating islands on the Peru side,is a passport …

Tiradito de Pescado or Ceviche? 
~ question about Peru foods submitted by Jann Hello sweet people who are answering questions about Peru. When I was there a few years ago, I took …

Postcard from Peru? 
My name is Lukasz and I live in a small town in southern Poland. I am a postcard collector. I would be very glad if someone could advise me how …

Car Rental Trujillo Peru 
Trying to rent a car in Trujillo, but can't find an agency. Does anyone know or used one?

Como son los chicos americanos? 
Donde trabajo, hay algunos varones americanos que vienen a hacer compras y para mi son my amigables y simpaticos. Pero quisiera saber como son como …

What do I buy so I can use my blowdryer and curling iron in Peru? 
~ question submitted by Karen Question: What do I buy so I can use my blowdryer and curling iron in Peru? What kind of adapter that's strong enough …

Aero Condor Peru 
~ submitted by Candace - Chicago USA. Has anyone flown on Aero Condor Peru? I know they do charter flights and was looking for information. …

What is the best ATM to use in Peru? 
What is the best ATM to use in Peru? We were using ScociaBank and then starting getting charged. So we switched back to BCP which had been reasonable …

Peruvian Art and Music 
((Peruvian music))Acient Peruvian used whatever was available to create music we here today. They used metal cans,bones,seashels,and even mud. There …

Food in Checked baggage 
Due to an illness, I am on a very strict diet and would like to bring food of my own in checked baggage for my 14 day visit in July. Does anyone know …

Road to Pucallpa Closed? 3/7/2013 
~ submitted by Jacques in Lima, Peru On March 6, 2013, I heard that the road to Pucallpa was closed due to heavy rains lately (February 2013). …

What's the best mosquito repellant for Peru? 
What's the best mosquito repellant for Peru? Does one repellant work against all varieties of mosquitoes? Since you may be travelling …

Question - Puno, Peru to Desaguadero Bus 
~ Submitted by Roy Edwards - England Where do you get off the Puno - Desaguadero bus to get the mini bus to the border crossing to Copacabana. …

What is the Peruvian School System like? 
Question: I am working on a project for my Spanish class, and I have some questions I need answered. These are for an average school. 1 - Do schools …

During July my husband and I toured through Peru. 
We hired a car and drove from Cusco to Puno at Lake Titicaca and from there to Arequipa and Chivay. We noticed for many kilometers dogs lying by the …

Multiple border crossings between Peru and Bolivia in the same month? 
Multiple border crossings between Peru and Bolivia in the same month? Hi I plan to travel to SA in November going to Peru/Bolivia/ Colombia or …

how to use old money peru 10000 sol 
i hv 10000 sol how convert in india and where plz give me information

Inoculations needed for Machu Picchu? 
Traveling with General Tours in November 2011...what do we need for inoculations please? Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands Hi Judith, …

Unemployment in Peru? 
what city in Peru has the highest unemployment rate now, in 2011? Hi Tricia, There just aren't up-to-date figure on individual cities available, …

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Cost of round trip, coach-class ticket 
"HOw much does a round trip, coach-class air ticket cost from my nearest international airport to Peru?" There are a number of factors that affect …

What is the best currency to use in Peru? ------------- Hi! That's a good question, especially for those who use something other than US Dollars. …

Glass Fishing Floats in Peru? 
Has anyone ever found glass fishing floats in Peru? They were used extensively before the advent of plastic to support fishing nets and are still used …

African, Blacks in Peru? - Afro-Peruanos? 
I would like to know more about Blacks in Peru. I haven't found much information but have seen an Afro-Peruvian group on the news lately. Do you have any …

Are there any inexpensive hostels in Miraflores, Lima, Peru? 
I want to find out, as we are traveling Lima and must spend a couple of days there early in 2011. I know that Miraflores is a nicer area and wonder about …

Can I purchase a pet in Peru? 
Yes you can purchase pets in Peru, mainly what you would find in a pet shop in your country. However, if you buy a pet that is not a cat or a dog and …

What is the Capital of Peru? 
The capital of Peru is Lima. For more information see the pages on this site on the capital of Peru, Lima , its weather , its food , and more.

What Language does Peru Speak? 
What Language does Peru Speak? Latin American Spanish The official language in Peru is Spanish. The Spanish spoken in all of South and Central America …

Where is the best kitesurfing in Peru? 
My buddies and I are planning on going this fall to see Machu Picchu and maybe get some kiting in.

Hotels in Paita, Northern Peru? 
I'll be there for one night this weekend and then probably some time in the future. I realize that there might not be a lot of choice for hotels in Paita, …

Medical attention in Peru? 
I need knee surgery done and friend said to go to Peru is that a good idea? What is there medical attention in Peru?

How much does it cost to travel in Peru? 
The cost of traveling in Peru depends completely on what you plan to do and when you want to go. The cost of an airline ticket from the USA round trip …

How far is it from the airport in Lima to Miraflores? 
How long does it take to get from the Lima airport to Miraflores? About how much should I pay a taxi? Please help!

Are the any famous women athletes from Peru? 
I know I have heard of some famous women athletes from Peru in the past but can't for the life of me place what sports they were. As I recall, one …

What was the Peru meteor? 
Peru Meteor On Saturday, September 15, 2007, local residents of the Southern Peru, South America, department of Puno reported that a meteorite had …

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