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Peru Museums

Although Peru has a large number of museums to found in most cities and even towns, they are still being filled with finds from archaeological sites monthyl. Not only are excavations currently turning up more objects such as mummies, pottery, textiles, and gold and silver artifacts, museums such as the Peabody Museum in the United States have returned vast quantities of culturally important museum pieces to Peru recently.

To find the Peru museums near your destination, choose the province or city from this list:


  • Museo Monumental de la Municipalidad Distrital de Huaura
    •  Avenida San Martin, Huaura, Huacho. 
    • Historic parts of the Republican period with the flag of the Liberator, furniture, file with historical documents, photos. Prehispanic ceramic exhibition areas and Rontoy Acaray.

Peru Museums in CARQUIN

  • Museo Arqueologico Comunal Distrito de Carquin, provincia de Huaura, Huacho.
    • Archeology Exhibition from the valley.


  • Museo Bolivariano Provincia de Pativilca. 
    • It showcases the furniture, photographs and documents pertaining to the stay of the liberator Simon Bolivar in that house.

Peru Museums in CHANCAY

  • Museo Municipal de Chancay Mucipalidad Distrital de Chancay.
    • Lopez de Zuniga 142, Chancay
    • Tel (01) 377 1133
    • Exhibition of archaeological pieces from the Chancay culture.
    • Parts of the Covadonga ship which sank in the port of Chancay.


  • Museo Arqueologico de la Universidad Nacional del Altiplano Ciudad Universitaria


  • Museo Arqueologico Municipal Esquina de Sullana y Huanuco.
  • Museo Etnohistorico de Ayabaca Jr. Bolognesi 718.

Peru Museums in MONQUEGUA

  • Museo Contisuyo Calle Tacna 294 Monquegua


  • Museo Nacional Enrique Bruning de Lambayeque 
    • Av. Luis Gonzales 345 
    • Display of the wonders of the Senor de Sipan metallurgical works.
  • Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan 
    • Two blocks from Museo Bruning.
  • Museo de Sican 
    • New museum 15 minutes from Lambayeque 
    • http://sican.perucultural.org.pe
  • Museo de Sitio de Huaca Rajada 
  • Museo de Sitio deTucume


  • Museo Municipal Wamachuko
    •  Jr. Sucre # 1 block - Huamachuco - La Libertad - Peru
    • See their web site Museo de Sitio de Chan Chan On the highway to Huanchaco. See their web site
  • Museo de Sitio Huaca El Dragon 
    • Panamericana Norte (Sexto Paradero) La Esperanza - Trujillo.
  • Museo de Chiclin 
    • Calle Buenos Aires 16 (Behind the Iglesia Del Senor de la Cana)
  • Museo de Arqueologia de la Universidad Nacional de Trujillo 
    • Jr. Junin 578 - Trujillo. Tel: 474850 
    • See their Web site
  • Museo Cassinelli 
    • Av. Nicolas de Pierola Estacion de Servicio Cassinelli - Trujillo Tel. 226127

Peru Museums in JUNiN

  • Museo de Sitio Wari Willcakizs 
    • Plaza Principal de Huari


  • Museo de Sitio Julio C. Tello de Paracas 
    • Km 27 Carretera Pisco-Puerto San Martin, Pisco


  • Museo de Sitio Arqueologico Kuntur Wasi 
    • Province of San Pablo Museo 
  • Museo Yachay Wasi - Cajabamba 
    • Ask for the house of "Don Gato Miguel"
  • Arqueologico Horacio Urteaga 
    • Jr. Arequipa 289

Peru Museums in AYACUCHO

  • Museo Regional de Arqueologia 
    • Centro Cultural del INC - Huamanga
  • Museo de Sitio de Wari


  • Museo Arqueologico de la Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria 
    • Jr. Cruz verde NÂș 303, near Arequipa, 3 blocks from the Plaza de Armas. 
    • Tel: (054) 229-798
    • What: Founded in 1969, all material on display is the product of research. It's a regional museum containing archeological finds of the Arequipa region from 10,000 BC to the colonial period, including all periods and cultures of the area


  • Museo Arqueologico de Ancash 
    • Av. Luzuriaga 762 - Huaraz 
    • Tel: (044) 721-551
  • Museo Regional de Casma Max Uhle 
    • Ruins of Sechin 
    • Panamerican Hwy North Casma

Peru Museums in AMAZONAS

  • Centro de Interpretacion y Complejo Arqueologico de Kuelap
    • Leymebamba, Chachapoyas, Amazonas - 72 km southwest of the city of Chachapoyas
    • Tel: (041) 477045
    • Schedule (all year): Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm
    • General: S /. 11.00 / Specials: S /. 5.50 / national Child: S/.1.00
    • Called "The Fortress" and built on top of a high mountain, this is the most important archaeological site in the mountainous jungle of Peru. Kuelap was built and inhabited by the Chachapoyas (1000 to 1400 years BC). Within its "walls", Kuelap contains 505 homes, most of them circular. Outside the city, some 198 more homes were built, adding up to more than 700 buildings.
  • Muestrario Museografico del Instituto Nacional de Cultura - Amazonas
    • Jiron Ayacucho 675, Chachapoyas.
    • Tel: (041) 777045
    • Exhibiting objects of the area from the Chachapoyas culture. Pottery, bones, paintings.

  • Muestrario Arqueologico de Amazonas 
    • Jr. Libertad 1174 Chachapoyas
  • Museo Arqueologico "Gilberto Tenorio Ruiz"
    • Jiron Ayacucho #904 - 908 INC Amazonas, Chachapoyas Chachapoyas, Amazonas  
    • (041) 477045 
    • Description: Exhibiting objects from the area and private donations belonging to members of the Chachapoyas culture. You can find collections of pottery, textiles and stone (batons, axes, among others), as well as paleontological findings: fossils and shells of scallops, sea and land snails.

Peru Museum Tours

The very best way to see museums in Peru is by contracting a tour with a knowledgeable guide.

An excellent place to start is in Peru's capital city, Lima. Instead of heading straight on to Cusco (Cuzco) when you arrive in Peru, you should definitely plan on at least one day in Lima.

Our Recommendations: Find out what Inside-Peru's recommended Lima cultural tour includes and make your reservations as soon as possible.

Peru - Museums Worldwide

From Inca gold figurines to Paracas textiles and beautiful Moche pottery, museums around the world feature archaeological finds from Peru.

For example, the British Museum in London presents a number of artifacts from an Inca gold llama and cast gold and silver plaques, to textiles from the Paracas culture as well as beautiful Moche pottery and more.

The Peabody Museum in the United States recently was required by a court decision to return thousands of objects to Peru. However, many legally obtained antiquities from Peru can be found in museums in major cities of many countries.

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