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Peru Jungle and Solar Power Technology

by George of the Jungle
(Pucalpa, Peru)

Off Grid Living? You Bet!

Off Grid Living? You Bet!

The jungle is a fascinating place to live in Peru. And it does not have to be as rustic or primitive as it once was.

A traveler down one of the rivers here commented on seeing some local people get off the canoe in the middle of nowhere with a solar panel. Probably so they could watch a portable TV set rather than something more practical, but it does show you the technical possibilities.

A more practical example is at the Tahuayo Lodge. Rated as one of the ten best wilderness lodges by Outside Magazine, this eco-lodge is about 120 miles into the deep jungle from the Amazon city of Iquitos, Peru.

Electricity there is provided by solar panels and batteries, while lighting is by kerosene.

In another part of the southern Peruvian jungle is the indigenous community of Gen Gen.

The locals live off fishing, agriculture and make handicrafts for tourism.

Again, solar power panels are used to generate electricity.

Live wild but sweet...enjoy the Peruvian jungle!

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