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Although some tourists come to Peru as independent travelers, in many cases an organized tour is the very best way to go. Why?

For two reasons: Knowledge and Time.

  • Knowledge: A tour service knows their area inside and out. They have dedicated themselves to researching and traveling the area and know much more interesting facts and stories than you could find out on your own.
  • Time: They will take you directly to all the very best spots. And they set everything up, saving you hour upon frustrating hour of your precious time.

Hiking and Backpacking Peru

Some of the most eye-opening attractions you'll find in Peru can only be reached by hiking in on foot. Whether you plan on hiking the mountains, jungle, or coast, however, be sure to read about hiking in Peru safely.

What about you? Do you long to hit the road and travel to faraway places with strange-sounding names, like Huayna Picchu or Pucallpa?

You may want the independence of backpacking Peru. Check out these books before hitting the trails:

To review detailed descriptions and photos of many of Peru's main attractions by general grouping, see the top Menu under Special Attractions

On this page, you'll find an extensive list of many of Peru's attractions. We also discuss the best way to see them, a very important consideration.

Peru Attractions - Coastal Region of Peru

North Coast

  • Tumbes attractions - Peru
    • Parque Ecológico Palo Santo - Nature Reserve
    • Los  Manglares  de  Tumbes - Coastal Mangrove Reserve
    • Isle of the Birds and Crocodile Repopulation Program
    • Parque Nacional Cerros de Amotape - One of the most important dry tropical forest reserves in the world
  • Mancora attractions - Peru
    • Las Pocitas Beach - Beautiful beach a hike or mototaxi ride south of Mancora
    • PeruKite Máncora - Kitesurfing
    • Surfing - Favorite spot of world women's surf champion
  • - Peru
    • Chan Chan - Ancient ruins, capital of the chimu Kingdom
    • Huaca del Sol y la Luna - Ancient ruins
    • El Brujo - Ancient ruins
    •  Huacas de Moche - Ancient ruins of the Moche civilization
    • Iglesia de La Merced - famous cathedral
    • Historic homes from the Colonial days
    • Caballos Peruanos de Paso y Marinera - Famous Peruvian Paso and Marinera horses
Huanchaco, La Libertad, PeruCaballitos de Totora - Huanchaco, La Libertad, Peru
Huanchaco attractions - Peru
  • Chiclayo attractions - Peru
    • Tucume - Vast Pre-Inca adobe city
    • Sipán - Huaca Rajada - Royal tombs at Pre-Inca site
    • Pimentel Beach and surfing nearby
    • Mercado Modelo - Market

South Coast

  • Lima attractions - Peru
    • Bike Tours of Lima
    • Museums
    • Parque Reserva - Magic Water Circuit - Honored with a Guinness Record and unique in America, this circuit offers thirteen impressive fountains that combine movement, lights, sounds and images.
    • Parque de las Leyendas (Zoo) 
    • Huaca Pucllana (Juliana) - Ancient ruins and historic site
    • Peru Chasquitur Tours - Tour company
    • Historic Centre of Lima 
    • Monica Tours Peru - Tour company
    • Caral - Ancient ruins - A World Heritage Site
    • Pachacamac - Pre-Inca ruins
    • Tandem Paragliding along the beach cliffs -  Extreme Sports Cafe's Paragliding School
    • Puruchuco - Archaeological site just outside of Lima
    • Beaches - see where surfing started in Peru in the 1950s
    • Swimming and diving with wild sealions
    • Walking tours in Lima

  • Ica attractions - Peru
    • Huacachina Lagoon
    • Museums
    • Pisco Wineries
    • La Vendímia Wine Festival
    • Chincha - Home to the Afro-Peruvian culture
    • Paracas Beaches

Peru Attractions Paracas BeachesParacas Beaches

Peru Attractions - Mountain Region of Peru

North Mountains

  • Chachapoyas attractions - Peru
    • Trekking, tours
    • Kuelap - Archeological Site
    • Karajía - Sarcophagi
    • Gran Vilaya - Cloud Forest
    • Gocta Waterfall - Third highest in the world

Kuelap - ChachapoyasKuelap - Chachapoyas
  • Cajamarca attractions - Peru
    • Fundo Tres Molinos & Los Alpes - Cheese and Manjar Tour 
    • Cumbemayo, Bosque de Piedras y Canales - Pre-Inca
    • Carnaval & Coplas - Festival
    • Ventanillas de Otuzco - Pre-Inca cliff dwellings
    • Cumbe Mayo - High above Cajamarca, aqueduct system possible oldest manmade construction in South America
    • Los Baños del Inca - Pools used by Inca rulers to bathe
  • Huancayo attractions - Peru
    • Sunday Market with Handicrafts
    • Torre-Torre, sandstone towers
    • Nearby San Jeronimo for filigree silver jewelry
  • Huaraz attractions - Peru
    • Wari ruin of Wilcawain. Monumento Nacional
    • Callejon de Huaylas - superb scenery
    •  Mountain climbing, biking, skiing, and rafting
    • Tours to see Chavín de Huántar
    • Museums of Pre-Inca cultures
    • Puya Raimondi plants
    • Llanganuco Lakes
    • Artesania Market
  • Caraz attractions - Peru (see Huaraz above)

Southern Mountains

  • Cusco attractions and tours - Peru
    • Salkantay Trek - Cusco to Machu Picchu "recently named among the 25 best Treks in the World by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine."
    • Inca Trail
    • Kusikay - local festival
    • Hiram Bingham Train
    • Llama Path
    • Peru Treks & Adventure
    • Planetarium Cusco
    •  River Explorers - Trekking, biking, white water rafting.
    •  Cusco for you - Horseback tours
    •  Santo Domingo Church (Iglesia de Santo Domingo) 
    •  Sacsayhuamán 
    •  Salinas de Maras - Geological formation off the beaten track
    •  Andean Explorer Train - Train to Lake Titcaca
    •  Temple of the Sun (Coricancha) Cusco
    •  Plaza de Armas (Huacaypata) Cusco
    •  Cusco Explorers - Tours including the Inca Trail
    •  Q'engo - Ancient ruins
    •  Inca Baths at Tambomachay 
    •  Red Fortress (Puca Pucara) - Ancient ruins
    •  Cusco Tours - Tour company
  • Pisac attractions - Sacred Valley  
    • Impressive historic ruins and hiking area
    • Virgen del Carmen festival (July 16-18)
    • Gigantic market with crafts of all kinds

* Machu Picchu attractions - Sacred Valley o One of the Seven Wonders of the World + Gate of the Sun (Intipuncu) + Intihuatana Stone + Temple of the Three Windows + Huayna Picchu climb o Moon Temple o Sayacmarca o Winawayna - site just past Machu Picchu o Paucarcancha Ruins o Puyapatamarca Site o Llaqtapata - ancient village site o The Ruins of Intipata

  • Ollantaytambo - attractions - Sacred Valley
    • Awamaki - Tour indigenous women's weaving project
    • Temple of Ollantaytambo 
    • River Rafting the Urubamba River 
    • Pumamarca Ruins 
    • Pinkuylluna Mountain Granaries 
    • Inca Bridge 
    • Inca Quarries
    • Patacancha Valley


  • Arequipa attractions - Peru
    • Arequipa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • Colca Canyon 
    • Monastery of Santa Catalina (Monasterio de Santa Catalina) 
    • La Ibérica Chocolate Shop 
    • Monasterio de la Recoleta 
    • Museo Santuarios Andinos (Museum of Andean Sanctuaries) 
    • La Catedral - The Cathedral
    • La Iglesia de la Compañía - the Church of the Company
    • The Iglesia de San Agustín - the Church of Saint Agustine
    • The Iglesia de San Francisco - the Church of Saint Francis
    • Many museums
    • The Mirador de Yanahuara View Point
    • Sabandía - Colonial mill
    • La Calera - Hot sprins
    • El Misti - Volcano
    • Chachani - High mountain climbing
Climbing El Misti Volcano, Arequipa, Peru AttractionsEl Misti, Arequipa, Peru Attractions

  • Puno and Juliaca
    • Malecón Ecoturistico Bahia de los Incas
    • Plaza de Armas
    • Cathedral
    • Balcón del Conde de Lemos
    • Casa del Corregidor
    • Barco Yavari Museum
    • Municipal Museum Carlos Dreyer.
    • Mirador (Scenic View) Kuntur Wasi
    • Cerro Huajsapata

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The Upper Amazon Jungle (la Selva, el Oriente)

  • Sepahua attractions - Peru, Central Jungle
    • Urubamba River canoing
Upper Amazon JungleUpper Amazon Jungle
  • Manú National Park attractions - Peru (includes jungle up into high mountains)
    • Kosnipata Valley
    • Cocha (Lake) Salvador
    • River Tours
    • Trekking
    • Rainforest Ecotours
  • Moyobamba - San Martin region of Northern Peru
    • Easy to get to
    • Off the beaten track
    • Doorway to the jungle
    • The "City of Orchids"
    • Natural springs and curative sulfur baths
    • Nature reserves Santa Elena and Tingana
    • Waterfalls and 'El Rio Mayo' (Mayo river)

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