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Parque Salazar - June 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by Augusto Ulloa
(San Jose, Ca. USA)

Parque Salazar - June 2012 Peru Photo Contest

Parque Salazar - June 2012 Peru Photo Contest

By: Augusto Ulloa - San Jose, Ca. USA

I took this photo at the Parque Salazar, Miraflores, in Lima, Peru.

It was taken at around midnight, and the weather was kind of cloudy.

This was a handheld shot, no tripod was used, and I used the manual mode.

The camera is a Canon 7D with a Sigma DC 17-70.

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Information about Lima:

Lima, like all major cities, has its good points and bad points. There are neighborhoods that you want to stay away from, for
example, just like in New York City or Rio de Janeiro.

However, Lima is an exciting and fascinating city with many points of interest and attractions.

Not only that, but Lima has been voted the Food and Drink Destination of 2012.

Do spend at least one day visiting Lima, and I know you'll be impressed with the up side of the city and also with the cultural heritage evident in the older sections.

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