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Paita - Las Brisas hotel

by David and Lin
(Los Organos, Peru)

Price off-season $15 USD for a double.

I would rate this at 4/5 for a mid-price Peruvian hotel. It was much nicer than we expected.

This hotel is located in the waterfront area 4 blocks from the harbor beach.

The building was 4 stories high and we stayed on the top floor with a big window with a view over dismal buildings to the somewhat picturesque (from a distance) harbor.

There are large sitting rooms on each floor and it is well maintained. The staff was friendly and helpful.

There was nice hot water, a fan, and large TV. The main drawback was the rooms are very small.

We were there on August 21/22, which is the off season in Paita. The price was 15 dollars and we were told the season price is 18 dollars for two people.

Paita, Peru, is a major port. The beach area of the city reflects that, being very filthy. Some of the buildings are from the colonial era, though, such as the Paita port customs building and several others in various states of disrepair.

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