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News Peru - Breaking news! Whether you live in Peru or are traveling to Peru, here is where to find the most important stories.

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Ancient popcorn discovered in Peru
 Smithsonian Institute
People living along the coast of Peru were eating popcorn 1,000 years earlier than previously reported and before ceramic pottery was used there, according to a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences co-authored by Dolores Piperno, curator of New World archaeology at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History and emeritus staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute...

Ancient cave paintings found in Peru
The president of the Cave Art Peruvian Association, Gori Echevarria reported the finding of cave paintings depicting humans, animals and geometric figures (circa 8-12,000 years old) in the province of Churcampa, located in the Peru's central Huancavelica region. Echevarria said six cave paintings were...

Protecting Peru's ancient past
BBC News
By Mattia Cabitza BBC News, Cuzco The return to Peru of the bones of 177 people taken a century ago from the Inca city of Machu Picchu has marked another important milestone in the repatriation of Peruvian antiquities. The country is the birthplace of ...

Peru's Cocha Cashu biological station changes management
The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy is taking over management of the productive Cocha Cashu field station in Manu National Park, Peru. To date, nearly 600 scientific papers have come out of research conducted at the station, making it among ...

Marcahuamachuco: Peru's New Machu Picchu? (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
The Global Heritage Fund (GHF), an international conservancy for endangered cultural heritage sites in developing countries, has selected Marcahuamachuco as a second new conservation and community development project in Peru. ...

Peru archaeologists find pre-Inca sacrificed babies
BBC News
Researchers at the Sillustani archaeological site in Peru say they have found the bodies of 44 children thought to have been sacrificed between 600 and 700 years ago. They were buried in pairs in baskets placed around stone funerary towers. ...

Graveyard of Whale Fossils Puzzles Paleontologists in Peru
By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff (Newser) - A newly discovered graveyard of ancient whales in Peru has scientists wondering how on Earth the bus-sized mammals all ended up dying in the same place. "That's the top question," says the director of a nearby

Archaeologist May Have Discovered Peru's Oldest Catholic Church Fox News
A 16th century Catholic Church - believed to be Peru's oldest - was discovered outside the northern coastal city of Piura. The church was built in 1534 but its mud walls deteriorated over time as Spanish conquistadors abandoned the area, said archaeologist Cesar Astuhuaman of Piura University. Historical documents discovered in an archive in Sevilla, Spain, helped...
Raw Video: Peru Unpacks Artifacts From Yale
The Associated Press
Peruvian archaeologists began on Thursday to unpack and register the first batch of Machu Picchu artifacts returned to Peru by Yale University. The artifacts were taken from Peru to the US, 100 years ago. (April 2)

Amazon adventurer Ed Stafford given award
BBC News
Mr Stafford walked from Peru to the Brazilian coast in 859 days. He had to contend with vipers and electric eels and was also wrongly accused of murder during his journey, which began in April 2008. Mr Stafford said: "It means a lot that the expedition ...

VIDEO: Giant solar calendar measures time
BBC News
Professor Brian Cox has visited a giant desert solar calendar in Peru in his quest to understand the nature of time in creating and ending the universe. The 2500-year-old solar calendar in Chankillo was built by a civilization of which very little is ...

Archaeological find puts Peru's history in new light

Lima -  An archaeological discovery in the jungles of the southern portion of Cuzco province is forcing a revision of our knowledge about Peru's pre-Incan past.

The location of an ancient city in the Espiritu Pampa area means that the Wari civilization, which flourished from the sixth through 13th centuries, extended much farther south and east than had been thought, Peruvian Culture Ministry official Juan Julio Garcia told Efe on Thursday.

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Breaking News / Latest Added News

Here is where to read Breaking News in Peru - Latest News Briefs and Visitor-Added News

2014 April 3rd - Peru Tsunami and Volcano 
The earthquake on April 1st (day before yesterday) in Northern Chile resulted in a warning along the Peruvian coast. However, there were no reports …

2-Day Strike in Cusco Affects 5,000 Tourists 
February 27, 2014 A strike of workers in Cusco, Peru, ended after two days, leaving behind losses of 2+ million dollars. CANATUR, the association …

Large Waves to Affect Ports and Beaches on Peruvian Coast 
~ October 26, 2013 Peru's Navy reports that from today (Saturday) until about Tuesday the 29th, there are going to be larger-than-usual waves …

Cajamarca, Peru: Caution Advised - Ongoing Protests against the Minas Conga Project 
Photo by Morrisey Cajamarca, a region in northern Peru, has made headlines around the world for ongoing protests concerning …

New findings at Chavín de Huántar 
New findings of a recent archaeoacoustic study suggests that the ancients of the 3,000-year-old Andean ceremonial center at Chavín de Huántar, in the central …

Strikes in Cajamarca, Peru  
Cajamarca Region Cumbemayo Imagen Central ~ by Mario Vargas - Lima Peru Here is a report from friends in …

Peruvian Airlines Grounded - Govt Evacs Stranded Tourists 
After airline grounding, Peru's military ferries tourists to capital Washington Post By AP, LIMA, Peru — A Peruvian military plane has flown 75 …

Peru Creates A Tourism Security Assistance Network 
Modern Buildings Centre of Lima, Peru Click here... LIMA, Aug 19 (BERNAMA-NNN-ANDINA) -- Peru has set …

Angry Tourists Not Allowed into Machu Picchu 
Inca City of Machu Picchu, Machu Picc... …

June 14, 2010 - Puno's Problems Resolving, Titicaca Quieter? 
Initial reports today, June 14,2010, are that the proposed hydroelectric dam (Hidroeléctrica del Inambari) was suspended. This has been one of the key …

2011 June 13 - Bolivia General Transportatin Strike - General Advisory 
Bolivia is essentially shut down today to travel by road. Strikers throughout Bolivia are upset about new regulations, one of which is that no cars older …

2011 June 13 Puno - Strikes Continue in Lake Titicaca Peru region 
News reports state that the international crossing into Bolivia from Peru remains closed by strikers today. Not all roads in the area are closed and …

11 June, 2010 - Travel Advisory - Avoid Puno/Lake Titicaca 
News sources reported the main international highway between Peru and Bolivia remained closed. The atmosphere was described as calm but tense today. …

June 10, 2011 - Puno, Peru - Road Blocks Continue 
Yesterday, June 9, 2011, Puno, Peru. The international bridge between Peru and Bolivia was partially blocked, backing up hundreds of vehicles. The Aymara …

Ollanta Humala is the New President of Peru 
With 88% of the votes in at last count, Ollanta Humala is assured of being Peru's new president. He takes office on July 28th, 2011. What does that …

Puno Lake Titicaca Roads Opened Yesterday...Still Some Problems 
The strike by the primarily-Aymara indigenous population in the Puno/Lake Titicaca area of Peru has been lifted. The blockades of roads were removed …

Peru Team wins surfing's ISP World Junior Championships 2011 
Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 May, 2011 : - - Today, in one of the most dramatic last-day recoveries of overall team standings in the event …

South African Junior Team sets sights on Peru Surf 
South African Junior Team sets sights on Peru Global Surf News Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 May, 2011 : - - The 2011 South African Junior …

Illegal logging hits Peru bird habitat  
Illegal deforestation of habitats is threatening many species of birds living in Peru between the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforest, scientists …

Stolen Artifacts Peru 
Stolen artifacts returned to Peru HOUSTON (KTRK) -- US customs agents have returned to Peru more than $43000 worth …

Human Rights Needs in Peru 
The General Coordinator of Human Rights in Peru brought out recently a list of her priorities for human rights in Peru. Here are what we consider some …

TACA adds flights to Tarapoto and Trujillo, Peru 
  TACA (now Avianca)   Cheap tickets to great destinations   Service operates with Embraer E190 aircraft, except Juliaca is …

New Archaeological Find In Patacancha, Peru 120 miles north of NAZCA lines 
I stumbled across a man made structure in Peru as you will see in the attached pictures, Most important, is a bunch of animals carved into the top of a …

4,000 year-old temples found in Peru 
Lima, Sep 19 (IANS/EFE) Peruvian archaeologists have discovered two ceremonial temples believed to be buried since more than 4,000 years. The temples …

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Big business clear winner in Peru's asparagus industry 
Today's report on the human cost of Peru's burgeoning asparagus industry goes to the heart of the debate about development - aid policy continues to favour …

In Peru's Amazon, traces of an advanced civilization 
Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo, a University of Florida archaeologist, examines bits of ceramics found at a site in northeastern Peru. In Washington Post …

Giant Whale-Eating Whale Remains Found In Peru 
VIDEO The remains of a giant whale have been found in Peru, and experts believe it may have been one of the largest predatory animals to ever live. An …

Wood-eating catfish discovered in Peru  
A new species of armoured catfish that eats wood with spoon-shaped teeth has been discovered in a remote area of the Amazonian jungle in Peru. ..more at …

Earthquake hits Northern Peru NOW 
We just went through an earthquake that I would estimate here in our town was 5.3. If it was centered where the recent quakes have been in eastern Peru's …

Learn Spanish Ecuador 
- For Those Who Love Adventure If you choose to learn Spanish Ecuador, you can see the Amazon rain forest, the snow-capped Andes and the Galapagos Islands. …

Cultural Heritage Sites Peru 
Pampa Colorada Cultural Heritage Sites Peru In March 2010, the National Institute of Culture of Peru (the INC) named 75 archaeological and historical …

Global Warming Affecting Peru 
Well, this is a comment on what I've read and heard from locals here in Peru. With the disintegration of part of a glacier, resulting in a "tsunami" …

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If you are planning a trip to Peru, it is essential to be up to date on the news.

Peru is a large country and can experience any of the changes that affect travel in a large country - political changes, road closures, earthquakes, floods, etc. You need to stay on top of these changes since they may affect your plans.

On the other hand, the Peru news reports that you or relatives might see on the news in the USA for example, may be of concern to them.

Again, however, Peru is a big country and much of the big events that hit the world news only affect a very small area of the Peru. An example would be the earthquakes - actually, a very tiny percentage of the area of Peru is ever affected even by the largest earthquakes.

So in that respect, keeping on top of the actual news from Peru can be comforting to your loved ones...and yourself!

Disclaimer: The news reported here is third-party news, so this page on breaking news from Peru may not represent our personal viewpoints on what is important or newsworthy.

If you understand some Spanish, we would highly recommend checking online newspapers from Peru, such as, or check for Lima Peru news online.

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