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New Archaeological Find In Patacancha, Peru 120 miles north of NAZCA lines

by John Shaughnessy
(Dalton Massachusetts. USA)

I stumbled across a man made structure in Peru as you will see in the attached pictures, Most important, is a bunch of animals carved into the top of a mountain and above that is a man sitting in a triangle chamber that looks like a space ship or possibly the tomb of Quetzacoatl, I have the links to google map below, Just locate the lake and pan twenty miles to the east. There are figures all over the place. One looks like the face on Mars.......When you open Google Maps close the box on the left and you see the whole site the figures are inside a square mile quite large..

Google Map

YouTube link

Oct 14, 2010

Patacancha, Peru finds

by: David (Editor)

Thanks for the amazing report, John. How exciting!

I don't see the photos, though. If you tried to upload photos, they need to be less than 1,000 px wide, so maybe that's what happened.

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