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My Favorite Peru Story

Have you traveled in Peru?
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  • Did something funny happen?

  • Did you meet any remarkable people?

  • What did you like the best or worst about Peru?
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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Catacaos, Piura, Peru Panama Hats 
Catacoas in the department of Piura, Peru Catacaos is a town near the city of Piura. Lin and I went to Catacaos a couple of times. She was looking for …

Piping Guan - My New Best Friend In Peru 
We were birdwatching in the Amazon... the Peruvian state of Amazonia that is.... With a great bird guide, we left Cusco and drove over the Andes and down …

Notes on Peru buses and Lima Airport, etc. 
We're sitting in the Lima airport right now waiting for our flight to La Paz. There we'll need to get our tourist visas at the airport and then catch a …

Somewhere in Peru ca 1956 
I kind of remember this...I think we were killing time waiting for a train somwewhere in Peru, probably Lima, but not sure. As I recall, we were looking …

Tumbes and Border of Peru and Ecuador 
May 2014 Update Lin and I have been over the border to Ecuador and back to Peru a number of times since the original post below. The border crossing …

24 Hours in Chaclacayo and Chosica, Peru 
After several hectic weeks in Lima finding and moving in to a new place in Magdalena del Mar, I decided I needed a quick getaway. I usually am tied …

Tips on Learning Spanish in Peru or Elsewhere 
1. Understand how English has already messed up your ability to read and write. Ex. How many vowel sounds in English? How many written vowels? 2. Learn …

Machu Picchu Sunrise 
~ photo and story submitted by Anthony Maw of Vancouver, Canada After 4 days and 3 nights of hiking the Inca Trail... ...we timed our arrival …

A Week In Peru 
Dec 19, 2012 Emma Spires is a backpacker with a perpetual case of itchy feet. Her first journey was a solo trip to Ghana, West Africa at aged seventeen …

The Moche Civilization - Possible Climate Change Effects  
Along the northern coastline of Peru between the Pacific ocean and the Andes mountains, hundreds of enormous mounds hide the extraordinary pyramid/temples …

Machu Picchu as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World 
I love being in the right place at the right time! It doesn’t happen often, but one of those moments actually took place in Peru, nearly five years …

Falling in Love in Peru 
I used to say it would never happen. Falling in love, that is. I wanted to concentrate on my studies, on traveling during vacations, on my family, etc. …

I Love Peru - Los Piletas de Agua 
Piletas de Agua - Parque de La Reserva photo courtesy of Miguel Vera Pintando con Agua / Painting with Water Casi parecen …

Sea Shells on the Beach in Peru 
Since our other web site is on sea glass and sea glass jewelry , Lin and I spend a lot of time on the beach (someone's gotta do it) here in Northern Peru. …

I enjoyed my first Peruvian red wine 
Hi, thanks to a visit to Peru by my brother and his wife, I had an opportunity to enjoy a Peruvian red wine blend for the first time. It was a blend …

U.S. Economy Worsens, time to move to Peru 
In spite of tales of economic recovery, the United States has failed to keep up with the third-world economies of two very poor countries, Peru and Bolivia. …

We survived the Earthquake in Paita, Peru, 2010 
We were sleeping the Las Brisas Hotel in Paita last Saturday night. My wife, Lin, and I were awakened by a jolt and swaying of the building for a few …

Boobies, Humped-Back Whales, Sea Glass in Peru 
Northern Peru - Ah, blue skies, wonderful weather, no humidity to speak of at this time of year (August), and the beach is just beautiful. Amazing how …

Gianni Truvianni’s Bus Trip From Tacna, Chile to Lima, Peru - III 
Author: Gianni Truvianni Go to: Part I - Part II As for the bus, it was much dirtier then the one in Chile and went slower but it did perform …

Gianni Truvianni’s Bus Trip From Tacna, Chile to Lima, Peru - II 
Author: Gianni Truvianni Go to: Part I - Part III Once however the bus started on its way, my Argentine traveling companion by the name of …

Gianni Truvianni’s Bus Trip From Tacna, Chile to Lima, Peru - I 
Author: Gianni Truvianni Go to: Part II - Part III It happened in late September of 92, while I was in Buenos Aires that I decided to go …

Peru Jungle and Solar Power Technology 
The jungle is a fascinating place to live in Peru. And it does not have to be as rustic or primitive as it once was. A traveler down one of the rivers …

Peru Sports 
Peru being part of the South American nations also toes the line of its neighboring nations and supports football as a major sport. It has made its …

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Walking Peru and Jaguars Too! 
The elusive jaguar is said to be one of the hardest animals in the world to spot. However, that doesn’t stop millions of people from trying to catch a …

Machu Picchu - The city of the Incas 
Machu Picchu Peru - The city of the Incas - is possibly the most famous icon of the Inca world. It is located 80 km away from Cusco, which was the …

Arequipa the White City 
Arequipa is known as "La Ciudad Blanca" because many of its buildings are made from white volcanic rock found in the area. It is also surrounded …

Santa Catalina Monastery - Arequipa by Barry Brady 
Santa Catalina Monastery - Arequipa, Peru One of the biggest architectural and historical sites in Arequipa is the Santa Catalina Monastery or Monasteria …

Magnificent Lake Titicaca by Barry Brady 
Lake Titicaca is a high altitude lake which straddles Peru and Bolivia , 40% is in Bolivia and 60% in Peru. It is a HUGE inland lake that is fed by 27 …

Lima Peru Airport and Sleeping Info 
My wife and I have had to spend some time here at the airport in Lima on several occasions. We would recommend eating all you can in the courtyard, …

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