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My Favorite Foods - Sushi in Peru?

by Takasha McCoy

I fist start eating different types of food when me and my mother went out to this Chinese restaurant and I saw something new there my mom said it was sushi.

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Mar 25, 2011
Japanese and Chinese Food in Peru
by: Anonymous

Hi Takasha!

There have been Japanese and Chinese immigrants in Peru for at least 100 years, so Japanese sushi is available in many places.

In fact, we live in a small fishing village far from a city that has a modest tourist industry because of the great beaches - and one of the 4 or 5 higher priced restaurants on the beach is actually called the Pez Restaurant Sushi Bar. Of course, the sushi is not a Peruvian dish but is enjoyed here just like in the states among people with money.

The local people in general have no idea what sushi is.

However, the favorite food here, ceviche, is also a raw fish dish and really good!

It has spread to the USA and is offered in many seafood restaurants. Try it out if you get the chance :-).

Ceviche is served in cevicherias or as an item on the menu in the best restaruants in Lima as well as other cities.

Chinese descendants are common here and many operate "chifas," which are the Peruvian version of a Chinese restaurants.

Although not strictly Chinese, chifa restaurants are among our favorite places to eat because the food is usually cheap, plentiful, and delicious!

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