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Multiple border crossings between Peru and Bolivia in the same month?

Multiple border crossings between Peru and Bolivia in the same month?


I plan to travel to SA in November going to Peru/Bolivia/ Colombia or Bolivia/Peru/ Colombia.

I just wondered if I start my trip in Peru first and then head over to Bolivia - Am I able to cross back over into Peru a few weeks later? Are there any restrictions on multiple crossings in the same month?

I would really like to go to Iquitos and then travel by boat to Leticia but I believe flights only depart from Lima in Peru so I may have to travel back into Peru after a short stay in Bolivia.

The other option is to start in Bolivia then cross into Peru but by this point it would be early-mid December and I understand this isn't a good time to do the MP trek, although logistics wise this option seems better so I'm not travelling back on myself.

Any advice/suggestions welcome as I seem to be going round in circles and changing my mind on the route!

Many thanks



David @ Inside-Peru says:

2017 - It is much harder, if not impossible, starting this year to stay more than 6 months total out of the year in Peru. However, you should be able to get 180 days on entry if you ask for it.

Mid-December is not the best time for Machu Picchu, as it is the rainy season, so you have the right idea about times to visit there.

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