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Mermaid Purses or Witches Purses

by David Schneider
(Huanchaco Beach, Peru)

Mermaid Purses or Witches Purses

Mermaid Purses or Witches Purses

~ submitted by David

Walking the beach here in Huanchaco, Lin and I are always looking for interesting things:

  • Sea Glass
  • Driftwood
  • Agates
  • Beautiful pebbles
  • Starfish
  • Shells
  • Etcetera

And we found these "mermaid purses" or "witches purses."

These are egg containers that are laid by certain kinds of sharks as well as skates (rays).

Searching the web, we found that there are many different types; in fact, we had an inquiry from the Netherlands asking if we could send some specimens.

However, we had thrown these back. We wrote back that we don't know how to preserve and ship specimens like these.

I'm sure there is a process but also there must be LOTS of regulations as far as shipping any kind of organic material!

Anyway, these are interesting to find. Since there are many types, we'll try to get some closer photos of different angles so that perhaps someone can clearly identify them.

Have fun on the beach in Peru!

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