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Mancora Peru - Beaches and Sunsets

Mancora, Peru is a bustling town on the North Coast of Peru. Originally a small fishing village, this beach town has grown in the last few years into a rapidly-expanding beach playground for Peruvians, other Latin American, and travelers from around the world.

Although Mancora, Peru is a haphazard collection of tourist traps, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, surfboard rental shops, and all-that-glitters-is-not-gold of your typical unplanned beach town, it does have many good points and is well worth a few days in the sun...or longer if you are a beach and surf lover.
Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets - Beach oriented shops
Tourist shops here do have some treasures like these excellent Peruvian "Panama Hats."

Two of the main reasons for the growing popularity of Mancora are obvious:

Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets - Horsing around?
Food, drink, surf, horseback riding, and hanging out in the sun...

These simple attractions, ombined with famous Pacific sea food - authentic Peruvian ceviche - make Mancora, Peru a great place to relax after being "on the road" for awhile.

It especially is a great place if you are in your early 20s and want to hang out, take some surf lessons, knock back some beers, listen to some reggae and salsa, watch the scenery, and get a really deep tan, all at a relatively low price.

Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets - fun in the sun
The main beach in Mancora is good for surf as well as for just cooling off in the water.

Where is Mancora, Peru?

Mancora is about 2.5 hours south of the Ecuadoria/Peruvian border in the Department of Tumbes.

It is a beach town and is right on the Panamerican Highway, sandwiched between desert bluffs and the beach.

Population is estimated at 10,000.

Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Peru beaches and Sunsets - Tropical fruit vendor in Mancora
Tropical fruit vendor in Mancora

Mancora Main Attractions:

Pretty much the whole reason for going to Mancora is the beach scene.

With warm sunny weather year round, great surf, and lots of food, it is the favorite hangout for Peruvian beach people, with vacationers from Lima, Trujillo, Cajamarca, and other Peruvian cities.

Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Peru beaches and Sunsets have excellent surf
Mancora is the site of top-class surfing contests - and also days like this one can be perfect learners.

Mancora also attracts many vacationers from other parts of South America. A favorite saying heard often during the busy season: "Is anyone left in Argentina?"

Others come from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador to vacation in the Mancora area.

Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Peru Beache and Sunsetss - Walter's surf shop
Walter's Surf Shop across from tourist gift stalls and main street to beach

You will also run into many Aussies and backpackers from European countries. A bus leaving Mancora for Ecuador is typically 1/3 or more non-Peruvian travelers.

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, try Vichayitos, just a few miles south of Mancora. Take a taxi and check out the many very nice waterfront hotels - with swimming pools, restaurants, and hot showers and air conditioning.

Mancora Peru beaches are near luxury hotels at Vichayitos
A private party with friends at hotel in Vichaitos

For a nice family beach with some good hotels and restaurants but with a more laid back atmosphere, check out Los Organos (our home) just 20 minutes south of Mancora. Many who visit Mancora are now opting for the less noisy and prettier beaches of Los Organos.

Mancora - How to get there:

From Ecuador:

By bus - Take one of the bus lines that travels to Peru. At the time of writing, the main one is CIFA. It leaves from the main bus station in Guayaquil, Ecuador several times a day and night.

Another is Ormeño, but it is does not leave from the main terminal in Guayaquil and is harder to find. Also, since it is coming down from Colombia, the exact time it pulls in is not guaranteed. It is a nice bus, though.

By air - The closest airport would be Tumbes. Then you will need to catch a bus or a "tourist van," from Tumbes.

From Lima:

By air - Fly into Piura or Tumbes.

Then, from Piura, catch the EPPO bus ($4.00), then settle in for 3-1/2 hour ride to Mancora. It stops in Talara and El Alto on the way.

Alternatively, ask where the air-conditioned vans leave from. They cost more, arrive about 45 minutes quicker, but EPPO is more comfortable.

 Mancora Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Beaches and Sunsets Eppo bus
EPPO Bus, good for Mancora/Los Organos/El Alto/Talara/Piura

From Tumbes, catch a bus ($4.00), van ($7.00), about 2 hours of road time. There are also "combis" ($2.00, stops at all the little spots) to Mancora. All vehicles will probably be stopped as the vehicle passes through the aduana (customs) just before you reach Mancora. You have to get off, wait, then get back on. This usually is only a few minutes but can be longer depending on the traffic.
Mancora Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Beaches and Sunsets
Poster for one of the many hostels and hotels in the Mancora area

To get to Mancora from Lima, take one of the overland buses that goes all the way to Mancora. Some of the main ones are Cruz del Sur, CIFA, Exclusiva, Oltursa, and several others. The trip is around 17 hours.

If you are going straight through, it is recommended to take the Exclusiva or Cruz del Sur, leaving in the afternoon and arriving in Mancora the following morning.

These and some other lines have "bus camas" which have seats that recline way back for sleeping. They also have bathrooms and serve a meal.
Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets
Mancora Peru Beaches and Sunsets
Shop until you drop. It can get hot. Buy cool coconut juice from a vendor...

How to leave: Leaving Mancora is just the reverse of getting to Mancora, as there is only one highway north or south.

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