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Machu Picchu Weather

General Weather in Machu Picchu

Although you would think that the weather in Machu Picchu would be similar to Cusco weather, since they are in the same general area of Peru, in reality the weather in the two places is quite different.

Cusco is at a much higher elevation and temperatures are generally cool. Machu Picchu, at lower elevation on the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains, has a warmer, more humid, tropical feeling.

Machu Picchu weather ranges from 12 degrees C (54 degrees F) to  24 degrees C (74 degrees F). It is fairly warm during the day and cooler at night and fairly humid.

There are two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. Machu Picchu weather during the rainy season (November to March) is not the best for traveling. In fact I wouldn't recommend traveling to Machu Picchu during the heaviest rainfall months of December through February.

In the rainy season of 2009-2010, many travelers were stranded when the only access to the area was closed due to mudslides. Machu Picchu was not reopened until April 1st, 2010..

Current Machu Picchu Weather

The nearest accurate weather report for Machu Picchu weather comes from Cusco, Peru.

Add about 5 degrees F (3 degrees C) to this Cusco report for the Machu Picchu temperature.

Add about 25% to the humidity for Machu Picchu.

Click for Cuzco, Peru Forecast

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