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Machu Picchu Housing - January 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by Julian ILIEV
(Denver, CO)

Machu Picchu Housing

Machu Picchu Housing

By: Julian ILIEV - Denver, CO


The picture was taken on Machu Picchu, Peru, on a beautiful late morning in July 2007.

It doesn't matter what people say about the country and the site, once you are there you will have a 'weightless-astrounat' feeling about your existence.

When you're there don't miss climbing the narrow, steep, rocky trail to Wayna Picchu. Its well worth it and you won't forget the scenery.

Also spend early morning at Machu PIcchu and welcome the sunrise there - its beautiful.

When is time to go back home hike down through the forest - you are going to feel one with the history.


I used Canon XSi with 55mm lens, but i wished i had wide angle or fish eye lens to capture the anti seized scenic.

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