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Los Organos Map

Town Center of Los Organos - Los Organos is 15 minutes south of Mancora by bus and 1 hour north of Talara.

Here is a video of the area. If you don't understand Spanish, just turn the sound down :)

In this video is the restaurant the Manglar owned and run by our good friend Mama Rosa. Be sure to say "hola" from David and Lin Schneider to see her great smile.

Note that she has changed locations recently so the map farther down this page doesn't show the true location. Here's the new location on Google Maps - El Manglar de Rosa

The nearest big cities
are Tumbes 2 hours to the north, and Piura or Sullana 3 hours to the southeast.

The Pan American highway runs through all of these towns, first following the coast south and then turning inland below Los Organos.

Los Organos Map

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