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Lonely Cloud - December 2011 Peru Photo Contest

by David Cox
(Sheffield, UK)

Lonely Cloud - December 2011 Peru Photo Contest

Lonely Cloud - December 2011 Peru Photo Contest

By: David Cox - Sheffield, UK

"Lonely Cloud"

Taken at: Lake Titicaca, Peru. Uros Islands. 11-08-2011 14:28

Canon S95
1/1000 sec.

As part of a homestay trip around Lake Titicaca, the first stop was the spectacular yet horrendously touristy floating islands of Uros.

This photo captures the traditional, peaceful way of life on the lake, away from the tourist shows.

I would highly recommend doing a homestay at Lake Titicaca. The other islands are much more traditional and the residents are fantastic.

Copyright © 2011 David Cox

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